Henriette loves to shop, so off she went wearing her new American Girl Washington DC t-shirt, a gift from a very special friend.  Let’s see what Henriette has found…

Henriette can not wait until Summer, she loves the hot weather so her first stop was the Beach Shoppe.  Although she loved the new bathing suits, she decided to wait.

Henriette spotted her favorite shoppe, the Sweet Shoppe.  Here she knew she had to drop in.

Henriette just had to get herself a pink cotton candy cone, it is her favorite.

Oh but wait! Henriette has spotted yet another of her favorite store…What can it be?

The Toy Shoppe of course!  Henriette looks in the window and something catches her eye.

It was not long before Henriette came out with her special gift, a mini Isabelle and her book.

A close up of mini Isabelle and Henriette, she sure loves her doll.

As Henriette was getting ready to leave, guess who she encountered.  Her friend Isabelle who was on her way to dance class.   “Hi Isabelle,” said Henriette, “Look at what I just bought, a mini you!”

Isabelle took a closer look!   “Yes, she is a “Just Like Me!” mini doll,” Isabelle said,  “Have fun playing with her!”

What do you think of Mini Isabelle?

Fun Facts:
1. Mini Isabelle can be found at Barnes and Noble.com for as low as $14.95 plus shipping for a total of $19.95.
2. Mini Isabelle is identical to full size Isabelle, I removed her panties which was making her look fat.  Her top is a little big which also contributes to making her look fat, once I made the simple adjustments, she is just like all the other mini dolls.
3. Backdrop is the play scene from My Doll’s Life ( http://www.doll-clothes.com/)
4. Henriette is a Kidz n Cats doll and is wearing the souvenir T-shirt from AG Washington DC. Isabelle is wearing the AG pink polka dotted shoes.  The skirt is from Henriette meet me dress.
5. Full size Isabelle is wearing all of AG outfits. Her hair is styled so you can see her pink highlights.