Morgan has a new festive decoration in the doll house!

These mini firecrackers are inspired by a decoration I had growing up.

Depending on what you have on hand you can make it out of wood, like the original, or you can craft it out of paper and buttons.

Either way these firecrackers make a fun and festive decoration for doll scenes or play!

First I’ll walk you through step-by-step how to craft the firecrackers out of paper and buttons and then I have a quick overview of how to make the wooden version, if you are interested.


  • 2 buttons the same size (I’m using Laura Kelly Buttons)
  • colored paper
  • ribbon or wire garland
  • glue
  • pencil
  • thin string or ribbon to tie the firecrackers together

Cut paper to the height you want the firecracker.  I made mine 3 different sizes.  Wrap the paper into a tube around a pencil.

Unwrap the paper tube and place glue along the top edge.

Place the paper around the outside edge of the button.  This is the base of the firecracker.  If you want to give the firecracker more weight you can fill the bottom with glue. It is not necessary because we will tie the firecrackers together when they are finished and that helps hold them in place.

For the top of the firecracker thread ribbon in the top of a button.  I had the wire garland with stars on hand and it added a fun touch.

When I pulled the wire through, the stars stuck up on one side.  If using the ribbon, thread it through, tie it and cut the ends shorter, for the sparks of the firecracker.

Line the top inside of the paper tube with glue and set the button in.

Make three firecrackers in different heights.

Group the firecrackers together and tie them together with string or ribbon.

I love how the spark is thread through the button holes in the paper crafted version!

If you want to make the firecrackers from wood, use a dowel and cut 3 sections between 1″-2″ with a saw.  Sand the edges and paint.  Allow to dry.  Glue pieces of ribbon or wire garland to one end as the spark.  Tie the three firecrackers together, just as we did with the paper version.

Whether you craft the firecrackers out of paper and buttons or make them out of wood, they are sure to add a spark to your decorations!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

Enjoy freedom, creating and play!