It’s time for another fun printable from Jen at – perfect for Easter and Spring celebrations. You and your dolls can spread some Easter cheer with pretty little eggs and butterflies.

Printable mini easter basket for dolls

This set comes with everything you need to make a mini Easter basket and fill it with cute little eggs. It’s all the perfect size for your 18” dolls! There’s also a mini banner you can make to decorate for the celebration. When Easter is over, you can use the banner and butterflies for spring too. AND, the basket is just the right size to fit a mini muffin if you want to make a gift for a friend.

Printable mini easter basket for dolls

Remember that mini clay cupcake I made a while ago? There it is again, happy to be included in the Easter fun.

How to make the Easter Basket

You will need:

Instructions to put your Easter Basket together:

  1. Cut out the basket shape from the printable.
  2. Fold where indicated (see diagram below for more help). The handle needs to be folded and glued in place as well, it’s easiest to do this first. If you’d like, cut the handle off of the basket piece and attach it at the end.
  3. The yellow section will become the inside of the basket, glue to keep the fold in place.
  4. Connect and glue the end pieces together (A on to A).
  5. Glue two small bottom flaps together.
  6. Glue remaining bottom flaps in place.
  7. Attach the handle to secure in place.
  8. Add extras like the butterfly or any glitter and gems you’d like to include.
  9. Fill your basket and have fun with it!

So cute and tiny, I love these small treats! Idea, if you want to draw or write extra doodles on your basket, do it before you put the basket together. I also have extra instructions to make your own Easter grass to fill your basket.

I hope you have a ton of fun with this set. I can’t wait to see your photos! If you’d like even more Easter party fun, I also have larger sets that match along with extra instructions. Visit my blog for more Easter basket party printables.

Have a Happy Easter!