This is a guest post from Rhonda Fincher of Living a Doll’s Life and Snickerdoodle Street. She has extensive knowledge of the various mini doll lines and has made so many things for her mini dolls. Rhonda has a great review of the retired Battat mini dolls and how she transformed them into boy dolls for us today. These are something worth keeping an eye out for at yard sales or in thrift stores.


I was considering adding boy mini dolls to my mini doll collection. As I looked at my American Girl, Madame Alexander and Gotz mini dolls, I noticed that their facial features were too feminine to become boys. After a lot of research, I found four fabulous mini dolls that I customized into boys.

Originally sold as girl minis, these were made by Battat and sold at Target (1998). Battat had an 18” doll collection called Collectors Lane Kids and they created the 6.5” mini versions too. In the collection were Rachel (red head), Vanessa (African American), Sheri (blond) and Elizabeth (brunette).

I felt that the Battat faces (expressions) made excellent boy minis. These dolls have no lashes or face paint. Each doll has line eyebrows, glass eyes and a wig, (not rooted hair). I simply cut their hair with small manicure scissors and they instantly became Paul, Marcus, Jack and Josh.

The original clothes that Battat dressed the girls in were denim skirts and adorable bright colored denim jackets. They also had white cotton camisoles, panties and socks. I have since had to make the boys pants of course. I really love the Battat minis. They are very well made with vinyl head and limbs and have a soft tan muslin body similar to American Girl minis. The nails on both the hands and feet are very defined, but what I especially love are the wigs. These minis are a little difficult to find now; it took me a while to obtain all four. They have acclimated into my mini doll world quite easily and I just adore them.


Thanks Rhonda for sharing these with us. Your minis are just too cute and they have some great furniture, too!