Monster High dolls have been the hottest thing in play dolls the past few years, so why not add Aliens to the mix? Obviously MGA thinks that aliens are the next big thing in dolls. They will be releasing their Novi Stars dolls – a set of four characters who land their spaceship into New York City, sometime later this summer and while I don’t LOVE them, I may change my mind once I see the actual dolls. According to their Facebook page:

We’re the Novi Stars and we’re landing soon! We’re coming to Earth to try new things, update your fashion trends, and make new friends. We can’t wait to find out what on Earth is going on!?!

MGA Novi Stars dolls

The four doll collection’s motto is “What on Earth is Going  On?” and features characters Allie Lectric who lights up, Mae Tallick who is metallic and talks, Ari Roma who is scented, and Una Verse who is glittery and water filled (I think).

Novi Stars dolls

From left to right: Mae Tallick, Alie Lectric, Una Verse, and Ari Roma

While they are for sale now at Justice, Walmart, Target and Toys R Us, I have found the best selection of the Novi Stars dolls and their accessories at Amazon.


According to the following press release they will be in stores in August 2012:

LAS VEGAS, June 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — International Licensing Expo — What on Earth is Going On?!  Award-winning toy manufacturer MGA Entertainment, makers of the hit toy franchises Bratz®, Lalaloopsy™ and Little Tikes®, in partnership with Justice, the hottest destination for tween apparel, accessories and lifestyle products, announces the terrestrial landing of Novi Stars™. Available at Justice stores and major retailers beginning August 2012, Novi Stars™ is a new girls property and cosmic branded entertainment that combines outrageous, other-worldly adventure with cutting edge toy features never before seen in doll play.  Filled with rich relatable storylines and humorous character content, the Novi Stars™ are on a galactic mission to meet new friends, try new things and find out what on Earth is going on?!


MGA invites you to meet the Novi Stars™: Alie Lectric™ is extremely bright and lights up in multiple cosmic colors; Una Verse™ is a definite diva with a body filled with glitter and water; Mae Tallick™ is a huge superstar with a metallic body who speaks cosmic phrases in a robot-like voice, and Ari Roma™ is super sweet with her own bubble-gum scented atmosphere and removable bubble helmet.  Each doll comes with a pet, a glow-in-the dark doll stand and a package handle that becomes an antenna headband for the girl.  Suitable for girls six years and older, Novi Stars™ are priced at $19.99 each.

The Novi Stars™ website, launches mid-June and offers an interactive platform featuring out of this world activities girls are sure to enjoy. Visitors can learn about Novi Stars™ through bio pages, daily blog posts and video blog webisodes that capture the adventures and experiences of the Novi Stars™ on planet Earth.  The first Novi Stars™ video blog will be released in June and the series will run through the end of December 2012.

MGA has teamed with Justice stores nationwide as a key launch partner for the Novi Stars™ brand with an exclusive full-fledged 360 degree marketing campaign that includes online, print media and in-store exposure.  Justice will carry the line of Novi Stars™ dolls and accessories and will unveil an exclusive line of cosmic Novi Stars™ apparel.  Justice will support the launch of Novi Stars™ by featuring Novi Stars™ and the Novi Stars™ webisodes on the Tween Network in-store media screens, brand ads, in the Justice Catazine and on the Justice website,

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