If our dolls could talk , how many wonderful stories could they share with us?  But wait,  look closely maybe they do talk to us……look into their eyes,  what are they saying?

Patience loves to color and work on her activity books, when her friend Merida walked in.  Patience had forgotten she was having a play day with her friend.

Merida saw how surprised Patience was, so she said “You forgot didn’t you, Patience!”   Patience smiled and said  “Come in Merida, let’s play”.

Patience said to herself, oops I did forget!  Merida always can read my expressions, I need to be careful I do not want to hurt her feelings.

Merida saw the cookies. May I have one?  she asked Patience.  Sure said Patience,  but first you need to kiss my frog!  He may turn into a prince.   Merida gave Patience one of her looks, and said “Are you kidding!”   What will I do with a prince? 

Merida said to herself,  “boy this is going to be a long play day…….”

How do you think this play day will turn out?

Fun Facts:
1. Patience and Merida are wearing Disney Princess night gowns for 16″ dolls.
2. I found Merida at Goodwill for $1.91 and restored her.  Her hair was styles and she had a few stains from her green dress.
3. All the items in the room are from my doll collection.