This is a guest review from Lorie and Abigail.


Hi everyone! Lorie and Abby here with a review on a swimsuit and accessories from MenaBella on Etsy.
I placed an oder late Monday for the swimsuit, beach bag, headband, and sandals and the package was mailed out first thing Tuesday! I was very impressed with how fast the turn around was. I have dealt with 2-3 day handling periods before.
The outfit arived Friday afternoon (it went from VA to CA) via Priority Mail.My daughter Abby and I opened the package and took everything out for a close look.
The swimsuit is made of a nice, heavy swimwear material. The finished detail is very professional. There were no loose strings, and nothing was uneven. You can tell she took her time making this piece. The ruffles on the top front and bottom back are just too cute for words! It gives the suit a very innocent look. Something my daughter would happily wear. The swimsuit nicely fits the doll, lays smoothly, and isn’t loose.
Along with the swim suit came a headband and beach bag. The beach bag is super cute and is very sturdy. It can hold some treats, a water bottle, and sunglasses. You could also make a beach towel, roll it up, and slide it inside as well. The headband is strong and nicely covered. It is not flimsy at all and stays in place on the doll’s head.
The sandals are very nicely made from foam with a ric-rac edge and stretchy ribbon for the straps. As you can see my daughter’s JULY #37 doll Emma Grace could easily stand in the shoes. The shoes slip on and off easily. **please note the sandals are sold seperately**
All in all we are both very happy with this purchase. According to Abby “it’s a great outfit! It is very easy for me to put on and take off. And I love that it has red, my favorite color. My doll Emma looks super cute in it.” We will definately be buying more from MenaBella.
Thanks for sending this in Lorie and Abigail!