Well, it has been one busy, crazy and fast summer!! Natalie started high school last week and Megan heads off to college later this week – and just like that, my little girls who used to spend hours playing dolls are all grown up! We needed to do some back-to-school shopping today and headed to Tyson’s Corner – with the intention of shopping for clothes – not really with American Girl in mind, but once we arrived, we knew a visit to AG was a must.

American Girl Melody

Of course with the release of Beforever character, Melody Ellison, there was lots of activity at the store and some fun things set up outside the store – make and takes, Melody’s favorite Vernor’s ginger ale and mini cherry pies and an interactive sound booth.


The vegetable garden make and take activity for Melody’s debut.


They were giving away these cute lime green t-shirts for Melody’s debut as well – I just love the message of freedom, community, family and peace along with the musical theme. We did not purchase Melody (although I think she is one of the cutest dolls from AG in a long time) so CeCe got to be our model for the shirt.


After an entire summer of really not paying attention to what was going on in the doll world at all, it was fun to check out all the new sets – like this gourmet kitchen, the pop-up camper and Melody’s recording studio. I am always so impressed by all the attention to detail – right down to the dog bowls built into the side of this set.


I was also curious to see the Wellie Wishers up close and personal too. They are mighty cute, and such a convenient size. I am not surprised they have been such a hit – I hope they stay in the line for quite some time.


The new Halloween costume is adorable, but when Natalie and I saw it we both commented immediately that we have seen that costume somewhere before – hmmmmm, I made a costume like that for Natalie YEARS ago (I know I got the idea from Pinterest – I wonder if AG did too?).

After a quick tour of the store we headed off to get some serious back to school shopping done. We were on the other side of the mall and I asked Megan and Nat where they wanted to get an early dinner before we headed back home. Much to my surprise, they both asked to go to the American Girl Bistro!


As you know, you can not eat at the Bistro without special guests! The girls asked for a doll to join them – Megan picked the blonde and Natalie’s guest was the brunette. It looks like these two have a lot to talk about!


Proof that you are never too old for dolls AND to never under estimate the memories trips like this create! As these two start new chapters in their lives, it makes me so happy that they cherish their childhood memories of doll play, visiting the AG stores, and sisterhood!


I can honestly say I have missed the Doll Diaries community this summer and while I am certainly not going to be posting daily, I do plan to post from time to time – and I do have quite a few reviews still waiting to be done.

Have a great week!