Last fall one of my son’s closest friends was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 14. She is such an amazing young lady who plays soccer, volleyball, swims, acts and is super smart, too. It was one of the hardest things ever to see someone so young having to deal with all the treatment, losing her hair, and fighting her battle against cancer. When I went to Toy Fair in ย February, I was able to visit the MGA showroom and got to see their new line of True Hope Moxie and Bratz dolls up close. The True Hope line of dolls is MGA’s answer to the public’s request for Mattel to make a Barbie who is hairless. MGA acted on the public request where Mattel shut them down.

In May, our friend completed her chemotherapy and two weeks later she was playing in a soccer tournament. She is truly one of the most amazing girls I know! So, when I found out that the True Hope dolls were going to be available at Toys R Us in June, I pre-ordered a few. I ordered one for Katie, one for my dear friend who treats cancer patients every day, and two for our doll collection.

True Hope Moxie doll Avery

Meet Avery! She is one of the True Hope Moxie dolls. She comes with two outfits and a little knitted cap to keep her head warm. One of the things our friend Katie did so well as she was fighting cancer, was to embrace her new look. She is stunningly gorgeous anyhow, but she wore different hats and scarves and sometimes wigs almost everyday and she rocked each and every look.

True Hope Moxie doll Avery

Here is Avery without her hat. She is such a cutie!! Oh my! We just adore her. My friend is going to take her Avery doll to the radiation center with her when she goes to work. She knows her patients will love it.

And if you are wondering where Avery got her cool car, we had lunch at a restaurant called Cheeburger Cheeburger yesterday and the cars came with the kids meals. It is the perfect size for Avery and her friends.

Stay tuned for more photos and I will introduce you to True Hope Bratz doll Yazmin later in the weekend.