I have a special treat for you today!! A Girl for All Time sent out a press release this morning about the next girl in their popular series of 16″ dolls inspired by the pivotal periods in British history. Are you ready?

A Girl for All Time Lydia Peyton - Georgian time period

Meet Lydia Peyton – your Georgian Girl. (The Georgian period is generally considered to be from 1714 to 1837.) She arrives in a gorgeous pale yellow meet outfit and has black hair, blue eyes and like her relatives – a face that is similar but not quite the same – showing the natural variation from generation to generation while still retaining common traits.

From the press release:

Lydia, Your Georgian Girl™ is the latest addition to the multi award-winning range of historical play dolls, books and accessories in the A Girl for All Time collection. Created by British boutique toy company Daughters of History Ltd., the age-appropriate, educational companion dolls have been designed to appeal to modern, young girls aged 7+.

The newest member of the fictitious Marchmont family to be immortalized as a doll is Lydia Peyton. Lydia, Your Georgian Girl™, wears a gorgeous yellow dress in the robe a l’angaise style, popular of that era. Her life is turned upside down in an accompanying book telling the story of how she must leave England and her beloved home, seat of the Marchmont family for over 200 years, to start a new life with her family in the American colonies. Additional historically-inspired costumes are now also available for Lydia, including a stunning blue party dress and meticulously detailed riding outfit.

Behind each doll lays a wealth of creative talent drawn from the world of British fashion and film. The inspirational costumes have been created by fashion designer Katya Wildman, Emmy-nominated Caroline Harris and, newest member of the team, Shari Fuller, a historical dolls’ clothing expert. The accompanying novels have been written by twice-BAFTA nominated screenwriter and director, Sandra Goldbacher.

Yes, you read that right – Shari Fuller of Thimbles and Acorns is the designer of Lydia’s wardrobe! So very awesome!!

A Girl for All Time Lydia Party Outfit

Lydia’s Party Outfit. Now keep in mind two things – one – these are PROTOTYPE photos and two – they are still making tweaks to the exact designs, fabrics and details of the collection.  Something also tells me that these photos do NOT do this doll justice. She is gorgeous and I can not wait to see her first hand at Toy Fair on Sunday. So, yes, there will be my actual photos to come!

A Girl for All Time Lydia Riding Outfit

Lydia’s Riding Outfit. I know what some of you are thinking – that looks like something Felicity or Elizabeth would wear. Well, yes, it is. Lydia’s story is based on life as a young girl in Georgian England who then has to travel to American and live life in the Colonies. I think her story will be fascinating to those of us who have grown up learning about the Colonies and this time frame from the American perspective.

A Girl for All Time

From left to right – Matilda (Tudor), Lydia (Georgian), Amelia (Victorian) and Clementine (1940s).

Can you see the family resemblance? If you want to do a fun experiment – take a look at some of your family photos – of your parents/grandparents as kids – and notice the similarities and differences.

Lydia is scheduled for release around September 2014. Stay tuned for more updates and photos.