I am so incredibly excited that the Maplelea company has let us be part of the build up to the release of their newest doll!! I am even more excited that they sent us the photo of the new doll before it goes live on the Maplelea website – especially for you!

Let’s meet Saila. That is pronounced “sigh-la,” in case you were wondering. Saila is from Iqaluit – the capital of the Nunavat Territory in the northern part of Canada. Saila speaks English and her native language of Inuktitut.

Maplelea Girl Doll Saila

Remember the clues we got?

  • She has a pet with four legs – you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to meet her furry friend.
  • Some of her clothing reflects her family’s proud heritage – like her kamik (boots).
  • She lives on an island in Canada  – Baffin Island that is part of the Nunavat Territory.
  • She speaks two languages—English and a language that begins with the letter “I” – that’s Inuktitut.
  • There are no subways, railways or highways on her island.
  • She likes to go jigging – a form of fishing through the ice.

So, visit the Maplelea website and meet Saila, her furry friend and learn more about her likes, culture and best of all – see all her fun clothes and accessories! You should definitely read the article they wrote about the making of Saila Qilavvaq of Nunavut, our newest Maplelea Girl – it is very interesting and goes to show how much research went into the making of Saila.

What do you think? Honestly, I think she is more original than any doll released recently. She has a look that is authentic, adorable and easy to relate to. I absolutely love her and can’t wait to see the rest of her collection.