Meet McKayla A Madame Alexander Favorite Friends Doll

Madame Alexander dolls are considered to be a true American Classic – they have been in business since the 1920s and continue to be one of the most recognizable names when it comes to dolls. In addition to their collectible doll line, their baby dolls and plush characters line, Madame Alexander has their own line of 18″ vinyl play dolls called Favorite Friends. As a matter of fact, you may recognize their faces because Madame Alexander also makes 18″ dolls for companies like Target (their PlayWonder line), Costco and others. We were sent an Favorite Friends doll and some clothes to review – let me introduce you to McKayla and I’ll give you more details as we go.

Madame Alexander Favorite Friends 18 inch Doll

Meet McKayla (Natalie named her) – she is the “Spring Fling Dance” Favorite Friend. She has long, curly strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. She is 18″ tall and made of vinyl with a partial soft body which means she can wear strappy dresses and swimsuits without looking odd but she is still huggable. She is wearing her springy floral dress with turquoise cardigan and white sandals.

Madame Alexander Favorite Friends and American Girl

McKayla was relaxing on the trundle bed when Kit stopped in to say hello! Kit saw McKayla’s “Downtown Cool” outfit on the bed and commented on how neat the ruffled layers in the top were. McKayla told Kit she could try on the outfit – because that’s one of the best things about friends – sharing your wardrobe.

Favorite Friends outfit on American Girl doll

As you can see, Kit LOVES this outfit! The “Downtown Cool” outfit consists of the black and white boat neck top with ruffled layers, the purple skirt, black leggings (which are lined with a sheer layer to prevent staining of the doll’s legs – smart!!), the high top tennis shoes and the reversible vest. The whole thing fits Kit perfectly which means the Favorite Friends outfits should look great on any of the 18″ dolls you have.

American Girl doll vs Madame Alexander 18 inch doll

Kit and McKayla spent the next hour talking about their hobbies, what they want to be when they grow up, and of course, clothes. McKayla told Kit she had to go get ready for ballet practice and that she looked forward to meet the rest of the girls later on.

Madame Alexander Tutu Cute Ballet Outfit

McKayla is ready for ballet class in her “Tutu Cute” outfit. It comes with a leotard, tutu skirt, tights, ballet shoes, leg warmers and a headband. I like how she looks without bangs too – pulling them back with the headband.

Madame Alexander Tutu Cute Ballet Outfit

Here is the Tutu Cute outfit from a different angle where you can see all the pieces better. And if you look closely, you can see the line in her torso that separates the vinyl part and her soft body middle.

Madame Alexander Tutu Cute Ballet Outfit

And I loved this photo of the Favorite Friends doll from the back practicing her ballet. Her long curls are just beautiful. Her hair is rooted (not a wig sewn on like American Girl dolls) and very soft.

Madame Alexander Favorite Friends shoes

While McKayla was at ballet class Nicole and Chrissa decided to check out her shoes! The white sandals Chrissa is wearing go with the Spring Fling Dance outfit, but the other three pair come in the Steppin’ Out shoe pack. The Favorite Friends shoes are different from what you may be used to. They are thick plastic and super easy to put on. I think they will hold up to play very well and I have to say the pink sandals are the cutest!

You will see more of McKayla as she gets to know the rest of the doll family here!

Where to buy: The Favorite Friends are around $50 each and their clothes are about $25 per outfit, too. You can buy Favorite Friends dolls and their accessories at, selected doll stores and


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  1. cool firstie!

  2. firstie

  3. opps sorry secondie! this is sooo cute

  4. Tish Steue says:


  5. agisthebest says:

    oh i love this doll! i wish american girl would make a doll with strawberry blonde curly hair! i HAVE to get her! ag or not i have to get her…………………………………….

  6. Her hair is very pretty, I wonder how similar (other than her face sculpt obviously) she is to the Play Wonder dolls from Target.

  7. Molly – since they are both made by Madame Alexander I am guessing pretty close. I will have to look at the Play Wonder dolls a little more closely.

  8. Those MA dolls are just gorgeous, and I’m not at all surprised that those pants are line, as every MA outfit for any doll I’ve had has that attention to detail and extra step. Good review, Char! Now I want to take mine out and play with her!

  9. Sharon says:

    I recently purchased a Madame Alexander doll. I believe she is a Friends Boutique doll from Wal-Mart. Her tag says not to get her hair wet. Does this doll’s tag have the same instructions?

  10. Mine says “Please keep your doll’s hair dry when styling or playing to avoid excessive tangles.”

  11. awesome!! i love her hair! and the sundress is pretty to!

  12. Thank you for the information. This may explain why so many people have trouble with these dolls hair.

  13. I bet you could still do a Downy Dunk on her from time to time if needs be. I highly recommend that if you have dolls who get high play time and have long hair that you keep the hair braided our up in a bun to prevent “doll head.”

  14. I love Mckayla’s curls! They are so beautiful! Kit sort of looks like Josie in the Mckenna movie with the “Downtown Cool” outfit, which is also pretty cool!

  15. I am really looking for a ballet outfit for my american girl and that one looks really cute do u recommend it or have any other suggestions 😀

  16. Michaela says:

    Her name’s like mine, only spelled a LOT differently. Haha, that’s funny.

    Plus, her hair is a lot nicer than mine…

  17. i want to get thw wicked with of the west 18 inch madame alexander! I love wicked the musical and it would be as if Elphaba was an american girl doll!

  18. Hey I have that ballet outfit!! Mckayla is a beauty!!! =)

  19. Cute!

  20. Claire – there are lots of great ballet outfits from the different makers of 18″ doll clothes. I like this one, but I also like the one from Dream World Collections and some of the others, too.

  21. vey cute!! i love her long curls and the ballet outfit is soooo adorable!!

  22. madelon says:

    I like the Favorite Friend Fashionista by Cecilia Cassini. Her second doll is set to ship in June. Does anyone have the first doll? Cecilia is a child fashion prodigy discovered at age ten. Pretty amazing

  23. madelon says:

    I also think that the Alexander Doll Co.makes a doll line sold at Kmart, too.

  24. Char, Can you do a comparison of McKayla and an AG doll standing up?

  25. Madelon – they do – they actually make them for quite a few major retailers.

  26. Gretchen – I will put that on my list of to-dos. If you look at my most recent post, you will see them all standing together, too.

  27. Princess Belle says:

    Very pretty. :) Just not my kind of thing.

  28. CHAR- OK THANK YOU and i like the one from dream world collections too!!! 😀