Over the weekend we visited The Toy Shoppe (see our recap here) and of course, we did not come home empty-handed. We added another doll to our collection – a Sonja Hartmann Kidz ‘ n Cats 18″ slim body doll named Galina. The Kidz ‘n Cats dolls come in a wide variety of faces, hair color, and personalities – and there are even boys (the Doll Wardrobe have two on the way). There were some I really did not care for, but Natalie and I just loved Galina – primarily because of her toothy grin. We like happy dolls. The other one I really like is Laura, but she is not available until March.

Sonja Hartmann Kidz 'n Cats Galina

Galina has long auburn hair that is a side part with peek-a-boo bangs. She has the most amazing eye lashes but her eyes do not open and close. She comes with a cat – we named him Franco – who has a semi-matching denim outfit with white furry collar and a sassy little beret.

Sonja Hartmann Galina close up

This is a better picture of those amazing eyes!

Kidz ' n Cats 18" slim body doll

Galina’s hair is very long and smooth which makes it easy to work with. Her meet outfit includes her undies & cami, t-shirt, shorts, tights, boots, a belt (not shown), headband (also not shown) and her furry jacket. Honestly, I am not overwhelmed by her clothes – they are not the quality of fabric and ease of dressing that we have become accustomed to with American Girl, Maplelea, Carpatina and other brands.

Kidz 'n Cats doll vs Carpatina doll

The good news is that Galina and our Carpatina Slim Body 18″ doll Erin are very similar in size! The big difference is that the Kidz ‘n Cats dolls are articulated which means they bend at the wrists, elbows and knees as well as the hips, shoulders and head like the Carpatina dolls do. The Kidz ‘n Cats feet are also bigger than the Carpatina feet. Anyhow, Erin was so happy that Galina brought her this super cute ballet set. The set was on sale for $29 and included two ballet outfits, one pair of tights, leg warmers, and two pairs of shoes. The leotard fits Erin, but it is every so slightly short in the torso on her, so she borrowed the purply wrap from the retired American Girl ice skating outfit and it looks perfect!

Carpatina Erin

Erin was so happy to finally get to practice her ballet moves. It’s a good thing McKenna’s bar works well as a ballet barre, too!

Erin and Galina

Erin and Galina are great friends already and as a thank you for bringing her the new ballet clothes, Erin offered to let Galina wear her Carpatina Afternoon Stroll outfit.

Erin thinks that Galina looks MUCH better now and I have to agree. The only thing is that Galina’s feet are pretty big so she couldn’t wear the Carpatina shoes, but Chrissa’s shoesΒ  fit just fine and match the outfit, too. Galina wanted to go for a little ride on the scooter while Erin went back to ballet class.

On her scooter ride, Galina came across Kit who was happy to welcome her to the doll room.

Galina introduced Kit to her crazy cat Franco. And off they went to introduce Franco to the rest of the pets.

So, what do you think of our new girl? I think she will fit in just fine and will have plenty of adventure with her new friends.

You can get Kidz ‘n Cats dolls in the US through stores like The Toy Shoppe, other Madame Alexander retailers and even Amazon.