Meet Harmony Club Girl Jazzmin

One of the newer 18″ doll companies, Harmony Club Dolls, sent me one of their dolls to review recently. I picked Jazzmin for her super long deep brown (almost black) hair and crystal blue eyes. There was just something about her that I really liked.

Harmony Club Girls 18" Dolls

Harmony Club Girls have really grown as a company this year. The first generation of their dolls had different faces from Jazzmin and honestly, I wasn’t very drawn to them at all. I don’t know what it was, but I just didn’t like them. The second generation Harmony Club Girls are a huge improvement with much sweeter faces to go along with the great variety of wigs they pair with them to get the various looks.

Harmony Club Girls 18" Dolls

Jazzmin comes dressed in black leggings (yes, I just realized one leg is pushed up and the other is not) and a dress that looks like it is a skirt and top.ย  She also comes with purple shoes.

The Harmony Club dolls have a soft body like American Girl dolls but instead of the canvas feeling body, Harmony Club doll bodies are a fuzzier material. They also did a nice job of adding natural looking blushing on the dolls feet and hands, plus her fingernails and toenails have been painted a shade of light pink.

They sent me two extra oufits for Jazzmin to model for you. This beautiful red dress zippers up the back, has skinny straps, a two layered skirt and comes with great accessories like a pearly bracelet, necklace and pearl embellished headband. The only part about this outfit I am not crazy about is the shoes. They are red patent leather, but are a bit big on Jazzmin and they are a different shade of red from the dress. Overall, this outfit is very pretty – especially for Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

The snowy woods made a great backdrop for this photo. You can get a better look at Jazzmin’s crystal blue eyes in this picture and you can see the texture of the fabric of her body.

American Girl Nicole welcomes Jazzmin to the family and promptly decides to try on Jazzmin’s meet outfit. Nicole explains to Jazzmin that closet swapping is just part of daily life in the Doll Diaries world! I think American Girl dolls are just a hair slimmer than Harmony Club, but they have no problem sharing clothes and shoes.

Jazzmin models her Pretty Party dress with its sweet purple details, layered skirt and sweet flower trimmed Mary Janes. The dress is very nice but pulls every so slightly across the chest of Jazzmin. I will try it on a few of the other dolls and see who has the best fit.

One of the things I like best about this dress is the purple trim on the princess seams along with the little flowers on her shoes!

Jazzmin’s hair is extremely long and straight which means we will have a lot of fun trying new styles on her.

ย Jazzmin is a nice addition to our doll family and will be making more appearances! You can see the whole Harmony Club Dolls collection at their website. Their dolls are around $70-85 each and can be ordered online.


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  1. oooo i like the red dress, mabye cause its a bit princessie poofy (did that make any sense?)

  2. Firstie!! awesome! she is so cute!! ;D

  3. Cute! Firstie!

  4. Oh, sorry guys! Not firstie!
    I LOVE her! I may get one, but Saige and Molly first!

  5. I love that
    I like the red dress to

  6. 6thie! Cute!!!!!!

  7. I love those outfits!!!

  8. Oh my gosh she is really cute Char! I really love the red dress. The picture with the snow in the background is BEAUTIFUL, especially with Jazzmin(did I spell that right?)’s long hair. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ()

  9. This is SO awesome! Do you get to keep the stuff they sent you?

  10. Eightie! ๐Ÿ˜› I think she’s kind of cute, but I actually liked the first generation better.

  11. They kinda pretty

  12. WHOA New addition? Yay

  13. My goodness! I won’t be getting one of those dolls soon, but I’ll be sure to eye out for some outfits- I really need American Girl doll shoes!

  14. She’s gorgeous, my favourite harmony club doll is lyric.

  15. *cool

  16. Saigeluver:) says:

    i love the dresses. i think if you try the one dress you said was a bit too snug on an american girl doll it would fit because didn’t you say the american girl dolls are a bit skinnier

  17. Love her outfits!

  18. First priority: Saige
    Second Priority: Megan and Morgan! :) :) :)

  19. Oops! I think I need to get Saige soon, I want her so much, I wrote Saige instead of Sparkie above!

  20. Beautiful doll Char!!!!!!

  21. shes a beautiful doll but I deffinately prefer the AG mouths to the Harmony Club Mouths (im not trying to be rude guys, sorry if it comes off that way! just saying my true opinion!)

  22. Hi Char, I looked at all the dolls and my favorite is the one they used in the banner next to Jazzmin, with strawberry hair and blue eyes, but I could not find her, I wrote to them. I did look at the discounted dolls, and my heart went out to Cyndi and I loved the superstar outfit with the greek boots, so I just placed an order….;-) Will send pixs when she arrives.

  23. lovely, I have 2 from the 1st generation but not the first first one, the second first one
    (If that makes sense lol)

  24. Will there be a giveaway for her??

  25. I am not sure yet.

  26. I saw Saige in the background!

  27. Cute!! I love her expression

  28. She reminds me of Snow White in the snowy picture ๐Ÿ˜€

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  30. She is soooooo cute! ๐Ÿ˜€

  31. Christine Jensen says:

    I really like this doll. Her long hair is fabulous and her face really is cute!

  32. Im entering their story writing contest. Hoping to win Jaquelin or Lyric

  33. All I can think about is how my Saige would look so pretty in that red dress…

  34. She is a pretty doll. Do you find the hair to be more like an American Girl doll or Our Generation?

  35. She is lovely. I like all three outfits, but the picture of the close-up in the red dress against the snowy background is just stunning.

  36. she is pretty but im not planning on getting her

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  38. I got Melody in precious purple outfit and I adore her…. lovely, lovely doll