We were walking through CVS (that’s like a Rite-Aid or Walgreens for those of your who don’t have a CVS near by) on Saturday waiting for my older daughter to pick out some nail polish and guess what we saw…

Best Friends Club Ink dolls on sale

CVS was the last place I expected to see Best Friends Club Ink (BFC Ink dolls) and I was even more surprised to find theyΒ  had the dolls 50% off. We had been considering getting one of the BFC Ink dolls to add to our collection before and at a mere $20 for the doll, I had a hard time saying no to Natalie. After all, we needed one for research!! The hardest decision was deciding which doll to get. Natalie finally narrowed it down to Addison and Kaitlyn and ended up picking Addison.

The BFC Ink dolls are incredibly DIFFICULT to get out of the package. It took forever!! But once we had Addison out of the package, all was good. Here are her accessories:

The BFC Ink dolls come with a journal that already has some information about the dolls, their story and has room for you to add your own information. They also come with a brush, membership card for the BFC Ink website, a purse and some form of jacket or sweater.

How tall is a BFC Ink doll compared to a Carpatina doll?

We thought it would be fun to introduce Addison to the rest of our doll family and see how big BFC Ink dolls are in comparison to some of the other popular 18″ doll lines. Here Addison (on right) is posing with Erin our slim body doll from Carpatina. These two dolls could be sisters when it comes to their size and shape. The Carpatina doll definitely feels like a higher quality doll but they have similar features.

How big are BFC Ink dolls compared to Maplelea?

This is Addison posing with Taryn, a Maplelea doll who is wearing a custom Doll Diaries shirt from My Doll’s Life and jeans from the Springfield doll collection. The Best Friends Club Ink dolls are jointed and very pose-able but do not have huggable bodies like American Girl, Maplelea or My Twinn.

How big are BFC Ink dolls compared to American Girl dolls?

Marisol looks much bigger than Addison to me and they are both considered 18″ dolls. The American Girl dolls are soft bodied and are built to look more like 8-10 year old girls, where as Addison is shaped more like a 12-13 year old and dresses more like a young teen, too.

Side by Side comparison - American Girl, Maplelea, Carpatina, BFC Ink

Here are all four of our models side by side for comparison’s sake. Just in case you are wondering, Marisol is wearing the retired golf and tennis outfit from American Girl, Taryn is wearing the Asian Beauty outfit from Dream World Collections (I think it looks so pretty on her), Erin is wearing the Afternoon Stroll outfit from Carpatina, and Addison is wearing her meet outfit.

Best Friends Club Ink BFC Ink doll Addison The Best Friends Club Ink dolls are cute, but they really don’t even come close in quality when you compare them to American Girl, Maplelea and Carpatina – keep in mind that they are also a fraction of the cost. Addison’s hair looked fine in the box but the first time we brushed it the ends frizzed like crazy!! Her shoes are a hard plastic and the quality of her clothes is so-so. I will probably end up buying a pattern or two from Liberty Jane Patterns to make her some additional outfits.

The bottom line, Addison is a total cutie and fits in well with our large family of dolls!! She is like every little girl – beautiful in her own way – her face is precious.

You can find Best Friend Club Ink (BFC Ink) dolls at Amazon.com, Target, Walmart, ToysRUs and if you are lucky, you may even find them at a Walgreens or CVS – you never know. There are now 8 dolls in the BFC line, including one boy, CJ. Additionally, you can get different clothing sets and there is a BFC Ink bed, too.

What do you think? Do you have any dolls from the Best Friends Club Ink line? Who is your favorite?