When I went to Toy Fair in 2012 I saw a set of Madame Alexander 18″ play dolls that were all done as the various Disney Princesses. I have never seen them in a store and when I went to Toy Fair again this year, they were still there, but I still haven’t seen them in stores. So, needless to say, when Madame Alexander was featured on Zulily last month and some of the princess dolls were included in the sale, I just had to pick one up. 

Madame Alexander Belle Beauty and the Beast Disney 18" Doll

Belle arrived this week wearing her iconic yellow gown and in the signature pink and blue Madame Alexander box. You can see there is a Disney princesses tag on the box too. Isn’t her face just so sweet?

Madame Alexander Belle Beauty and the Beast Disney 18" Doll

Natalie was very helpful and de-boxed her and took her first few photos for me. Belle has the standard Madame Alexander play doll construction – partial soft body with shoulder plate and vinyl limbs. For some reason her body is a little differently constructed than the Favorite Friends and Dollie & Me versions I have and Belle doesn’t stand well on her own at all.

Madame Alexander Belle Beauty and the Beast Disney 18" Doll

She has long wavy hair that is done up in a fancy little style at the top. Her hair is soft, but I do not recommend styling it too much, because it is going to tangle – I can just tell!

Madame Alexander Belle Beauty and the Beast Disney 18" Doll and American Girl Felicity

From the moment Belle came out of her box, I had other ideas for her! As pretty as she looks in her yellow ball gown, this girl has such a perfect Colonial girl look. Doesn’t she look amazing in Elizabeth’s meet dress? Felicity is very happy to have a new friend to have over for tea.

and American Girl Felicity

How sweet are they?

And now for a little black and white fun. I like the black and white because you can really see her features. She has a classic Madame Alexander face but it is more round than the Favorite Friends and Dollie & Me girls. 

Belle decided to travel a little further back in time and try on the Celtic Princess gown from Carpatina.  The green looks beautiful with her hair color.

At first I had myself convinced that Belle was destined to be a Colonial girl, but then I put her in something a little more modern and…

Wouldn’t you know it? Belle is seriously cute as a modern girl, too! She stopped in at Camp Doll Diaries headquarters to have a little chat with April to see how plans for camp are coming along.

What do you think of Belle? Which outfit does she look best in?