Everyone joined in the soccer match at camp this week.  For fun they passed out medals to all who participated.  The medals made fun necklaces to wear during sport’s week at camp!

Grace’s team all have medals with the pink stars.

Go team go!  Team spirit has been high all week!

Let’s take a look at how to make these simple medals from things around the house!


  • paper
  • ribbon
  • a quarter
  • a star punch (or scissors to cut out your own star or a star sticker)
  • tape

I was inspired to use a shiny metal quarter as the base of the medal.  A quarter is the right size and the embossed metal looks realistic.  This craft is a temporary play accessory.  I used glue dots, a temporary adhesive.  That way when we are done with the accessory it can be easily taken apart and the money is still useable!

If you want to make this craft more permanent, use paper or cardboard as the base.

To make the medal, fold the ribbon into a “V”, place adhesive on the quarter. and place it on the point of the “V”.

If I would have had a star sticker on hand, it would have been at the center of this doll medal!  No star stickers here, so I pulled out a star paper punch to do the job.  Drawing or tracing a star and cutting it out is another way to get your star for the medal.

When I put it all together I liked the sparkle effect of the paper I had on hand.  Another way to add sparkle would be to glitter your star after it is cut out.

The metal quarter catches the light sometimes and looks like a shiny metallic medal.

Tie it around your dolls neck after her team wins the big game or share the fun and pass out medals to all that participate!

These were so quick to whip up and are a fun accessory for play!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

  • Doll– Grace is AG GOTY 2015
  • Outfit-I picked it up the soccer outfit a number of years ago from My Life As, a brand carried at Walmart.  Pink hair braid is from this tutorial.
  • Scene– Camping background scene from My Doll’s Life.

Craft one medal or make many for everyone on the team!