Me and My Peeps Blog Hop Princess Chair

Make a Princess Chair featuring Me and My Peeps

By now you all know Laura Kelly, but did you know she is the artist behind all those cute stick people decals you see on the backs of cars? Did you know that the Me and My Peeps decals can be used for more than just adding some fun to the back of your car? Laura invited a handful of creative ladies (including me) to a challenge – she sent us some supplies and wanted to see what great ideas we could come up with using the Me and My Peeps decals.

I decided to bling out a doll chair – a little differently this time – and create a special princess seat that we can use again for Camp Doll Diaries next week (that is a clue!!).

Make a Princess Chair featuring Me and My Peeps

Materials I used:

  • A plain doll chair from Little Miss Do-It-Yourself
  • Me and My Peeps princess iron on (by Plaid, available at Joann)
  • Me and My Peeps family decals (by Plaid, available at Joann)
  • Purple spray paint
  • Fun foam
  • Batting
  • Hot glue
  • Me and My Peeps princess fabric (available at Joann)
  • Pink and white polka dot ribbon
  • Laura Kelly Buttons (available at
  • Some bling

Make a Princess Chair featuring Me and My Peeps

I started off by giving the chair a few coats of grape purple paint using spray paint. You could use regular acrylic paint if you want.

Make a Princess Chair featuring Me and My Peeps

I traced the seat of the chair onto some fun foam and then cut the shape to use as the base of my seat cushion.

Make a Princess Chair featuring Me and My Peeps

I added batting for some softness and then wrapped the cushion in princess fabric. I attached it to the chair with hot glue.

Make a Princess Chair featuring Me and My Peeps

I used the ribbon to finish off the edge – at which point I realized my batting was uneven in the cushion – DOH! Note to self for next time…

Make a Princess Chair featuring Me and My Peeps

Now the fun part! I carefully ironed on the Me and My Peeps princess iron on and added color coordinated buttons for fun.

Make a Princess Chair featuring Me and My Peeps

I made sure that the piece of ribbon I used to trim the seat cushion was long enough to go all the way around and tie in the back of the chair. I added a few buttons to finish it off – so cute!

Make a Princess Chair featuring Me and My Peeps

The legs of the chair looked a little boring still so I added the Me and My Peeps decals, some buttons and some self adhesive gems to bring the whole thing together.

Make a Princess Chair featuring Me and My Peeps

Ta-da!! Princess Diamond LOVES her new chair.

Make a Princess Chair featuring Me and My Peeps

This would make a super cute birthday gift, too. A coordinated bag tag made with the Me and My Peeps decal on black card embellished with buttons and scrapbooking goodies makes it extra special.

Make a Princess Chair featuring Me and My Peeps

This project was made in conjunction with a Blog Hop event with Laura Kelly. Special thanks to the following sponsors and promoting partners: Laura Kelly DesignsNiki MeinersButtons Galore and MorePlaid EnterprisesA.C. MooreCre8time

Check out the official Me and My Peeps Blog Hop page for more great ideas from a group of fantastic designers and to enter another fabulous giveaway!

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  1. Kristen L. says:

    Wonderful chair! I wonder what next week’s theme is…

  2. Diana Gash says:

    Awesome, very nice!. Love your creativity!

  3. N says:

    How do you keep the iron from ruining the chair?

  4. Char says:

    N – Luckily the iron ons transfer very quickly so I just kept the iron moving and only kept it on there as long as absolutely necessary.

  5. Juliet XD says:

    Ooooo! I think Molly and Emily will love the next theme! Remember how they where Princesses for the day on their birthdays?? Your chair is SO cute char, do you think that you could make another one with the camp DD logo and do a giveaway? I would love to have a DD chair. <3

  6. Abby W. says:

    So cyyyyyuuuutttttt!!

  7. Vivi says:

    I knew laura kelly was the inventor of me and my peeps. I am on her website a lot. :-)

  8. Melody says:

    That is a great chair. Thank you for sharing the “how to.” :)

  9. Tony says:

    Char – that chair is too cute! Certainly fit for a Princess! : )

  10. Sierra says:

    fun! I love the DIY furniture!

  11. That chair is really cute! :D

    OH MY GOSSSSSSHHHH!!! Is next week’s them Royal or Princess or something?! YAY!!! I’m SO excited! My dolls will love it! They are super girly- hehe! :D
    Such a coincedence, too because I just crocheted (you’ll know it if you’ve watched/seen LOTR) Arwen’s Coronation Gown! It is so elegant and royal (It should be cause she’s an Elven princess- hehe!) :D

  12. sabrina says:


  13. Courtney says:

    So cute!
    @ Juliet XD, I totally agree! That would be so awsome!

  14. Julia says:

    Cute chair! Laura Kelly, the designer of the adorable stick figures on the backs of people’s cars! Woooheeee!!!!!!!!

  15. Karen says:

    This is adorable! I love it! What a great idea! I love Laura Kelly’s Decals!

  16. Maxine says:

    So beautiful it really is fit for a princess! We might be welcoming a royal princess in Britain soon, too! I love the bag, would make a great princess baby shower gift bag! Getting carried away now!

  17. cordelia says:

    I love what you’ve done with the chair, Char–so creative and pretty.

  18. Tracy McLennon says:

    This is just too adorable! Love all the details!