McKenna’s Practice Wardrobe

When we ordered McKenna’s starter set her Practice Wardrobe was one of the pieces of it that was on backorder. Like the warm up suit, McKenna’s practice wardrobe showed up well before the backorder date. Right now on the AG website it shows her Practice Wardrobe backordered until late June, but they are coming in and they are shipping them as they get them.

McKenna's Practice Wardrobe

As American Girl sets go, I really think that McKenna’s Practice Wardrobe is one of the better values. It sells for $34 if you don’t get the Starter Set, but it really is two outfits in one. You get McKenna’s gymnastics leotard, a little top she can wear over it, her velour shorts, her gymnastics t-shirt, her ankle brace, 4 ponytail holders, a bunch of thin elastics for her hair and a headband. Ivy offered to play the part of McKenna’s best friend Toulane forever since she is a gymnast and a Toulane doll is not happening.

McKenna's Practice Wardrobe

McKenna put on her ankle brace, the leotard and got her hair done using all the ponytails from her set (plus the ones from her warm ups) and began her stretching.

Ivy wearing McKenna's shirt

Toulane put on the t-shirt and the shorts and offered to help McKenna with her bar routine.

McKenna and Ivy workout

As McKenna got on her grips and started her bars drills, Toulane reminder her to keep her arms and legs straight – to which McKenna replied, “I’m an American Girl doll – I don’t have a choice!”

McKenna and Ivy workout

“There you go McKenna, only 99 more cast handstands to go!!” said Toulane with a little bit of sarcasm in her voice. To which McKenna replied, “Ugh, I can’t wait until my ankle has healed enough for me to vault and tumble, all this extra bars conditioning is getting old.”

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  1. firsty cute

  2. Anastasia says:

    I like how they’re both gymnasts. I was wondering when someone was going to post pictures of them together since they have that in common.

  3. That’s really cute! It was funny when McKenna said, ‘I’m an American Girl doll. i don’t have a choice!’. I’m reenacting the McKenna book series with my Springfield Collection and American Girl dolls, and Chrissa is playing the part of Toulane.

  4. Thirdie! Did you use Ivy as Toulane? If so, she’s an amazing actress! I love the beam and bar set! Do you think it’s worth saving up for and the waiting for?

  5. awesome!! i wish i could get the starter kit………..but i figured it up and by the time its chirstmas i will have 120$ with my job money………….

  6. This is so cute! I love this story : )

  7. Cute! I love the t shirt and shorts.

  8. I’m thinking of saving up and paying have of the money for the starer collection, but im not sure yet. I think i’m going to wait to hear more about Caroline and ( possibly, i know, its to soon to know) GOTy 2013.

  9. That’s so cute! Ivy makes the perfect Toulane! I am asking for McKenna’s starter collection for my birthday. I also LOVE the beam and bar! It is one of my favorite pieces from AG.

  10. cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I didn’t really think I neede this set until you listed everything it came and I saw how many purposes, now I want just for the hair do-dads! :)

  12. Princess Belle says:

    Ugh… I think I want McKenna even MORE now! 😀 She’s so pretty! Char, do you think there’s a chance I can get McKenna’s starter collection for my birthday? (July) I don’t have any American Girl dolls, and only 1 Maplelea Doll.

  13. Princess Belle – You can get the starter set and they ship what they have in stock to you right away. Then the back ordered outfits will arrive later.

  14. I wonder if American girl will ever sell the exculsive outfit that only comes in the starter set….. if they do I hope in won’t be a in store purshcase with purshcase sort of a thing

  15. Serena- It may be though. They did that with Chrissa’s meet dress. It also may be on cyber day sale in November next year. I doubt it would be this year though.

  16. Char- do you recommend Mckenna? because i am going to buy her…….some day…..when i have the money…..

  17. Megan, McKenna is a lot of fun, but then again so is Ivy, and Julie, and Kanani and all of the girls!

  18. I love your story! So fun! I am going to get McKenna..cant wait!

  19. aglover says:

    sigh can i get the starter set with out the doll cause i have her

  20. Should I get Mckenna ?

  21. Maria- i think you sould! she looks like a great doll to have! also she is only going to be here for one year so i would get her now or anytime you like!!!

  22. I’m planning on getting the whole starter collection set for McKenna. Do you think it’s a good plan if I get it in August?

  23. Maggie – you should be good!

  24. What is the vault used for ?

  25. Avalon – the vault I made for McKenna is the training vault used for beginning gymnasts and for training high level gymnastics vaults.

  26. Pretty Irish AG says:

    To anyone who wants McKenna, buy her!! I bought her as an I’m-Going-to-College splurge, and she is gorgeous!

  27. She looks adorable in it.They were selling MCKENNA’S PRACTICE WARDROBE at the LA AG store today

  28. great idea for toulane as ivy! i cannot WAIT to see the movie! i wish i could get mckenna but i have six dolls which is my max, and i can turn my myag doll into a gymnast

  29. Caitlin says:

    I went to get this outfit in Boston but it was all sold out (most of her stuff was) so I got McKenna’s school outfit instead.

  30. Mel – Same here! I can’t wait to see the movie. But to bad it’s coming out in July when I still won’t have McKenna.

  31. cecille says:

    I want Mckenna now

  32. Maggie- yup same i have three dolls (one is not ag) and going to be four but i have to wait until christmas to get mckenna………….

  33. agisthebest says:

    i just love mckenna! i am gonna get the springfield doll trunk today!
    peace and love

  34. agisthebest says:

    for some reason it cut of the rest of my comment. oh well. :(

  35. agisthebest says:

    i mean off not of. my typing is bad. sorry, i am commenting too much.

  36. I love the gymnastic bar and mat set that you used for the pictures!!

    I hope McKenna’s ankle heals quickly so she can get back to the vault and tumbles!

  37. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Caroline abbott is from 1812

  38. Wow!That is so cute! I really want this set, but I’m broke at the moment. :p

  39. StarryNight says:

    How adorable! Char-did you know that there is actually going to be a McKenna movie in July? Awesome!

  40. Starry Night – the McKenna movie will be available on DVD July 3 and will be on TV July 14

  41. i am getting makenna for my b-day this makes me even more excited!

  42. Hey Char,was the name of that site that sold hand clips for the bar?

  43. NikkiBear98 says:

    I’m going back to the american girl place new York this august and I’m hoping to get this set for my McKenna doll. I might also ask for her beam and bar for Christmas. Would any body recommend her beam and bar?

  44. I highly recommend her beam and bar!!