While we have not ordered McKenna yet, we have got some of her stuff already. I took a few photos of our GOTY Kailey modeling the outfit so you could see what it looks like on.

American Girl McKenna Pajamas

Kailey has McKenna’s Pajama set on which comes with a white and gray t-shirt and striped pajama bottoms. The slippers look odd in this photo but that is because our Kailey was well loved before we got her and her limbs are just a little loose (ok, a lot loose) and she was standing at a weird angle. Kailey is getting ready to get into the Loft Bed with Storage from Emily Rose Doll Clothes.

McKennas PJs from the back

The outfit comes with a hairstyle card, too. It is for a low side ponytail and they give you two light purple hair ties. Kailey’s hair is also in need of some extra care so I decided to put it in two ponytails instead. As you can see, the PJ top velcros in the back.

McKenna's PJS

Kailey is ready to kick back and relax for a while before she has to go to practice. She heard that Gwen did a pretty amazing bar routine last night so Kailey wants to get in an extra workout on bars tonight.

It just occurred to me that Kailey and McKenna have similar hair – yes, McKenna’s is longer and darker, but the front is similar. What do you think?