Hello doll lovers! It is Natalie and I am here with another fun photostory. Let’s jump right in!

American Girl Saige Our Generation Kitchen Set

Vroom, vroom! Saige was in the kitchen making her famous blueberry lemonade pancakes for Mckenna. She has a gymnastics meet today so she needs some energy!

American Girl McKenna My Doll's Life Bed

“Kenna! Wake up!” Saige yelled from the kitchen. Mckenna slowly opened her eyes and sat up.

American Girl McKenna My Doll's Life Bed

“I am awake!” Mckenna yelled back.

“Breakfast will be ready in thirty minutes!” Saige replied.

“Yay!” Mckenna said.

American Girl McKenna My Doll's Life Bed

“Meow.” Licorice jumped onto Mckenna’s shoulder.

“Aw Licorice! You wanna take a selfie?” Mckenna opened up her photo then tapped on her Dollstagram app. She pressed the camera button and smiled. Click!

“This is so cute! Hmm… #cat #selfie #selfieswithcat #Licorice” Mckenna typed on her phone. “Already ten likes!”

American Girl McKenna My Doll's Life Bed

Now to grab my Nutella and my laptop and do one quick post before my competition today…

What do you think McKenna will post about?

In this post:

  • Saige & McKenna are retired American Girl of the Year dolls
  • Saige is wearing Madame Alexander Autumn Mist outftit
  • McKenna is wearing retired American Girl paisley PJs
  • Licorice the cat is from American Girl
  • Kitchen set from Our Generation at Target
  • Daybed and bedding from My Doll’s Life
  • Cell phone is retired American Girl
  • Laptop & Nutella jar are from Our Generation
  • Backdrop is American Doll Room

Until next time this is Natalie signing off, click!