McKenna’s Gymnastics Equipment

Here we are at Shooting Star Academy where McKenna and her teammates train… McKenna is not here today because she has an appointment with the doctor to see if her cast is ready to come off! (Ok, so I am totally making this up, but I needed a lead in for sharing the photos of McKenna’s gymnastics equipment with you!)

American Girl McKenna's Gymnastics Equipment

McKenna’s gymnastics equipment set comes with the bright pink balance beam with metal “feet” to keep it from tipping over. It also comes with a single training bar that has a metal base and is very accurate for what the girls would train single bar skills and basics on in gymnastics practice like McKenna. There are snap on grips so your doll can do cool tricks around the bar (watch our video of Gwen doing her bar routine to see how it works) and a green wedge mat so the girls can practice their conditioning, do rolls, and all sorts of other cool things. The light pink mat in the photo does not come with this set – it is from the retired American Girl Rhytmic Gymnastics set.

American Girl doll gymnastics practice

Sonali is practicing her “hollow” shape so she can make her “free hip circle” better. Alex is being coached by the famous Olympic Coach “Olivia Springfieldsky” on her forward stride circle on bars which is in her Level 4 routine.

American Girl doll gymnastics practice

Coach Kanani is giving Gwen tips on sticking her cartwheel on the beam, starting with “you need to turn your hips so they point to the end of the beam.”

The girls are wearing retired American Girl leotards and warmups. I picked up all the purple set when they were on clearance for $5 a set a few years ago.

We absolutely love this set and highly recommend it if you are adding McKenna to your collection or if you have a gymnastics fan in the house.

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  1. firstie cute

  2. Firstie! I really want this set! It looks sooo cool! :)

  3. Oops sorry Alicia, Secondie!

  4. Those dolls must be having a blast!

  5. Looks like fun, but I probably won’t (even though I’m a gymnas) because my space is limited.

  6. Sounds like some girls are having fun! I doubt I’ll get this, I’m definitly no gymnasts. Hahahaha! : )

  7. Char,I can’t find the outfits for the spring field compatition

  8. I wanna get this, even if I’m in no ways flexible!

  9. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get Mckenna’s world set!!! Does anyone know when that’sa coming out to see how expensive it is???

  10. Tish Steue says:

    So cute I really want this;)

  11. 0_o <- that's me seeing how expensive AG is theese days

  12. Aww, that’s so cute! And $5 dollars is quite a deal. I just guess I have to deal with AG’s crazy prices!!! But anyways, I am almost finished with a doll fridge I am making, so yeah 😉

  13. thats ok grace

  14. my space is limited as well but theres a room under the stairs i could use

  15. never done gymnastics but im starting to love how cute this is

  16. The dolls looks like their having so much fun!

  17. vallorey777 says:

    ha ha thirdie i love mckennas colection but this and her practice wardrobe are kinda boring but i might buy them if i have anough time to save up the money after i get all the other stuff i want but still wicked cute!!!!!!!!!!!! – valorey

  18. Char did you have to put it together ?

  19. And what doll is alex

  20. @Marina no one will know yet but it probally will come out in the middle of the year do to the fact that her last one or two items doesnt come out Till the middle of the year

  21. This looks like so much fun! I’m an adult, but I would love to play with a doll and the equipment!

  22. i dont do gymnastics but i do like this set. but i probly woulnt get it. Im planing on getting julie a twin and getting her a weelchair. i want to make a doll house in my cloest but there is no room. So i have a small bedroom in my bedroom. :) i had bunkbeds i made from AG boxs but i took them down. But still.

  23. an AG is doing good with high prices, The dreamy day bed is i think over $80 and the bedding is like over $30! And i got an Our Genoration Trundl;e bed for $60.

  24. Erica w – I have one of those beds from the our generations collections

  25. Our Generation doll stuff and Journey Girls suff is a better deal

  26. Char,
    have you heard of the Journey Girls? They are an 18 inch doll line made by Toys R us

  27. Anastasia says:

    Wow. $5 is really cheap for AG. I bought Molly’s Roller Skating Outfit when it was $18 but I sold it before I got my Molly doll. :/ I regret it now that it is really expensive on EBay.

  28. CUTE!!! looks like the dolls are having a LOT of fun!!! Erin- yes char has heard of them ( someone else asked her the same question a while back and she said yes) and i used to have one but her hair was hard to brush and style.

  29. I used to own mollys after school after with the roller skates I use to have so much fun with it but know it’s some where else sold it so I can get another AG outfit because I didn’t like it anymore so I sold it for 37 dollars

  30. Amazing!

  31. I love this! I really wish I could get Mckenna!

  32. What happened to the McKenna movie?

  33. The McKenna movie comes out this summer.

  34. YAY!!!!!!!!!

  35. OMG I wish those leotards were still out I love them do you think that anyone would sell those????? Also I might be getting mckenna I am sooooooooo happy. The thing is I have to pay for her and I want the starter set and bar and beam witch would add up to a total of $ 270 uh I don’t have that money I only have like 175 dollars goodness well if anyone can tell me how to get more money befor march 5 I would be sooooooooo happy

    – Anna ;(/:)