McKenna’s Exclusive Warm Up Outfit

After hearing reports that even though some of McKenna’s collection were on backorder, they were still shipping, we decided to go ahead and order her a few weeks ago. McKenna’s starter collection arrived with McKenna, her meet outfit and her accessories – her practice outfit and her warmup outfit were on backorder, scheduled to arrive sometime in June. Imagine my surprise when I got a shipping notification for her warmups last week. They arrived and are just too cute! They are only available as part of McKenna’s starter set, but oh how I love them.

American Girl of the Year McKenna exclusive warmup outfit

The exclusive Warm Up outfit was just the thing to put McKenna in a great mood after all the talk about gymnastics in this house the past few days.

American Girl of the Year McKenna exclusive warmup outfit

McKenna’s Warm Up Outfit comes with the purple/orange ombre warm up jacket, white athletic pants with a little gather at the ankle and her trademark swoosh, cute athletic shoes, two orange hairbands and a hairstyle card for how to do fishtail braids on McKenna’s hair. If you don’t have the card, check out this video Megan did on how to fishtail braid your doll’s hair.

American Girl of the Year McKenna exclusive warm up outfit

Ta-da! It looks great on you McKenna!! This is definitely one of my favorite outfits in her collection.

American Girl of the Year McKenna exclusive warm up outfit

I don’t know what it is about this color scheme plus the crisp white pants, but I just love it. So does McKenna.

American Girl of the Year McKenna exclusive warm up outfit

Nice split McKenna but can you just straighten out that back foot? It’s really bad form. Oh, that’s right, you are a doll – you can’t.

American Girl of the Year McKenna exclusive warm up outfit

McKenna is checking out Megan’s medals and score card from her State Championship gymnastics meet yesterday. Can you tell what places she got? Yep, that’s a second place and two third place awards. Good job Megan.

American Girl of the Year McKenna exclusive warm up outfit

Over to the beam she goes. McKenna is practicing her beam mount – that’s a fancy way of saying how you get on the beam. And to get off the beam it is called a dismount.

American Girl of the Year McKenna exclusive warm up outfit

This photo shows the star on her shoulder for Shooting Stars Gymnastics. And I did the Fishtail Braid hairstyle based on the hairstyle card the outfit came with. Fishtail braiding looks hard, but it is actually very easy once you get the hang of it.

American Girl of the Year McKenna exclusive warm up outfit

Showing off the the detail in the stitching, her swoosh, and her super cute tennis shoes.

American Girl of the Year McKenna exclusive warm up outfit

Back at the bars, McKenna is getting ready to do some of her conditioning like pull ups and leg lifts so she will be strong enough to make that kip!

On a scale of 1-10, I give this outfit a solid 9.0 – all it is missing are some socks – I mean who wants to wear tennis shoes without socks?

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  1. firstie cool

  2. Cute and firstie ! My pattern thingy is different because I am on my mums laptop this time.

  3. Oh not firstie sorry kt

  4. secondie! Char- oh! I got a creative idea! Maybe you could find some Springfield socks ( or some kind of cheap doll socks) and tye-dye them. Then they would match her new outfit, that i’m totally in love with!

  5. Erica – what a cute idea!

  6. opps! I’m not secondie. I should have refreashed the page first.

  7. Fourthie! Adorable!! I just might have to go grab Candie,pull up Megan’s fishtail braid video, and try it on her! I’m really sick I have strep, so I’m not at school….. :( but nice job char on the braids! Very pretty outfit!! :)

  8. I got this outfit too, and I agree with Char’s scoring. And can I just say I’m loving how accurate the pants are? My dad’s an acrobat and owns just like a pair of pants just like McKenna’s, down to the feel of the material and the thinness of the cloth.

  9. Megan aka Megz says:

    too cute!!

  10. aglover says:

    cute outfit this is my favorite of mckenna`s collection but i dont have it i really dont want mckenna i am to busy with my new kit

  11. What a wonderful starter set I’m total saving for the starter set with the fancy outfit :)

  12. Chole I’m sick to with strep it stinks so I’m just playing with Kirsten , Marie grace , Chrissa and Lanie

  13. Oh yeah I also created a new hairstyle with that being said I’m
    Gonna take some pics later and put them in a slide show with tips on doing it 😀

  14. Can someone give me an idea for a video because I’m gonna do more photo shoots of the rest of my dolls but I need help with other videos

  15. Haylee, hope u feel better to! Umm maybe u could do a video about dolls going shopping dancing, I dont know soccer maybe some sport or something u might do? I don’t know if u do anything like sports or not but it’s just an idea. :) has anybody seen the avengers movie? I seen it and it was awesome!! :)

  16. Thanks chole I’m gonna get the tennis outfit because I play tennis :) and I saw the movie It was very good :)

  17. I was dragged by my friend to see the midnight premier of Avengers. Totally worth it.

    Hope all of you sick guys feel better! Im out of school for summer, so Im stuck at home bored too.

  18. Thanks Lena And I went to the midnight showing to :) and my summer starts June 5 :) And do u recommend McKenna and her starter set ?

  19. i saw the avengers movie. My favorite seen was the last seen right after the credits were they are all just eating in silence. (;

  20. What happened to the website over the weekend?

  21. This is so cute! It is to bad that it only comes with her starter collection.=^)


  23. Sofia – sorry – there was a technical glitch yesterday – the site went over its bandwidth allocation and I was gone for the day. Luckily it was an easy fix when I got home.

  24. Thanks Lena :) hmmm I think my school gets out June 8

  25. i like that outfit to! I just need the money and not the backorder….

  26. In general, AG socks are pretty hard to put shoes over. The tennis shoes from this outfit are nearly impossible anyway without socks to slow the process down even farther.

  27. I do recomend McKenna and her starter set, at least what I own of it, since half the items are still on backorder.

  28. Lena – thanks :) I’m Saving for her starter collection and fancy outfit

  29. aglover says:

    which is the best american girl place

  30. my doll is jealous she loves the outfit

  31. It depends – New York, Chicago and LA are the biggest, but they are all basically the same and a real treat to visit

  32. Anastasia says:

    It is a very adorable outfit, but I just wish the jacket wasn’t tye dye, because I’ve never been much of a fan of tye dye.

  33. I have enough for a doll Im totally confuesded.! Should I keep to see carolIne? What about Emily is she andmolly retiring this year? What about kit? What about McKenna what about Jly with wavy brown hair blue eyes and medium skin? What about a Sonali from eBay? What about………. Could continue i dont know!!!!

  34. Chole wait and see what Caroline looks like then compare all the pros and cons of the dolls you want And from there pick you favorite and least favorite :) and go on with the list of dolls you want I’m weird I’m sorry
    And do u have a YouTube If so I’ll sub u

  35. THANK YOU CHAR!!! I really want McKenna now, even thought i’m saving up for Katniss. I was unsure about McKenna, but i really love her warm up outfit. But i think i’ll wait a little longer till i hear more about the girl of the year 2013 and Caroline before i make up my mind. :)

  36. Anastasia- In a way, it doesn’t really seem like tye-dyed. It more like.. a rainbow??? IDK :)

  37. Chole- Don’t rush into a decision. Look around on YouTube and watch some videos of the dolls you want. One of the main reasons why i’m consitering McKenna Is cuz of her hair.

  38. The jacket’s not tye-dyed, its dip-dyed, so the orange fades into purple.

  39. Lena- I’m still in school, so I’m bored either out of school, or in. So either way, I’m still bored. Hahaha! :)
    “Oh, that’s right, you are a doll – you can’t.” & “that’s a fancy way of saying how you get on the beam.” Hahahaha! I literally laughed out loud!
    I hope you get better sick people! 😀 I send you my warmest wishes!

  40. Sarah – so glad I could make you laugh! I will do more workouts with McKenna as the rest of her back ordered stuff arrives.

  41. Hayley-sadly I don’t but I recommend subbing girloftheyearstudios,dolldiariesdotcom,myfroggystuff,basilmentos, and anymore u can find! Thanks once again, Lena :) and thanks Erica and haylee, I ll wait :)

  42. Oh wait sorry not Lena, (I had just read Lena’s comment before commenting last time) Sarah :)

  43. My summer break is sometime in June. But I already get to stay home, yeh, home schooled :)
    I want McKenna, but i’ll wait to hear more about Caroline and GOTY 2013 before i make up my mind.

  44. Thanks sarah Im not sick anymore 😀 that means more videos will be coming up soon on my
    YouTube channel :)

  45. Ur welcome chole :) and Erica that’s why I’m Saving for McKenna to her hair And she’s gymnasts :)

  46. Cynthia says:

    I love that outfit! We don’t have that starter set for McKenna, but we do have her:
    Rain gear set, school outfit, pj’s, fancy outfit & practice wardrobe!
    We love all of her items, but the practice wardrobe is my fav. My daughters fav is the umbrella.
    She uses an AG pair of pink shoes instead of the sandals that go with the fancy outfit because the
    sandals continually fall off & she doesn’t want to lose them.