Everyone was wondering what Elle was up to in a photo I posted recently, and now we know! Elle ordered McKenna!! That’s right, McKenna. First, she was getting a little worried that McKenna might be sold out by Christmas and second, she figured with the Olympics and McKenna’s movie coming up that we could have some fun setting up scenes, make some movies, and do some crafts specifically for gymnastics.

I took a bunch of photos of McKenna’s arrival and put them into a YouTube movie for you! Watch the movie to see all the photos and the conversation between the dolls. You can also scroll down to see a few of the photos on their own.

Elle is a sneaky one!!

American Girl McKenna Arrives

Everyone watch out! Ellowyne has scissors!

American Girl of the Year McKenna Brooks

It’s McKenna!!! Somebody get her out of there quick!

American Girl of the Year McKenna Brooks

Oh, McKenna – you are cuter than I expected!

American Girl Chrissa and McKenna

Finally! So glad my “sister” McKenna has arrived.

American Girl Chrissa and McKenna

Ready for some new adventures!!

I have a really neat craft for McKenna planned! Hopefully I will have time to do it today, but if not, it may be tomorrow. Have a great weekend!