We LOVE the aquarium…our whole family that is!  Sea life is so amazing.  We are annual members of the North Carolina Aquariums as well as Sea World to support sea life studies and animal rehabilitation/rescue.  I think McKenna loves the aquarium too.  I had so much fun putting this together and reflected on it and why it was so special over on my blog HERE.

She even brought her sketchbook to do some doodling while she visited.  Her favorite marine life animals were the orcas.  Did you know that they are from the dolphin family and live in pods that are a lot like our human families.  She got a stuffed orca on the way out.  I actually sewed this orca with felt from Kunin Group, our fabulous sponsor this week!  I used the felt to create the shark banner too!

I used a pattern from the book Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love by Kerry Goulder to make the whales.  It is an awesome book full of fantastic patterns.

Then I set them up in an aquarium with fishing string.

Here is a super fun little printable too if you want to create some aquarium fun with your dolls.  You can download it HERE.

Happy Creating and Learning,