McKenna Visits the Fairy Garden

For Mother’s Day we went to my parent’s house and had brunch with the whole family. Not only was it a gorgeous day with great company, it gave me the opportunity to take some stunning photos of McKenna in my Mom’s gardens. McKenna is wearing the Flower Garden dress we gave to my niece for her birthday and she wanted McKenna to wear it while we there.

Warning – this is a long post and you will fall in love with McKenna in the process. 😉

American Girl McKenna in the Flower Garden

Sitting the Fairy Garden

American Girl McKenna in the Flower Garden

Picking flowers. Megan did McKenna’s hair and decided to use her hairband as a ponytail holder.

American Girl McKenna in the Flower Garden

This has to be my favorite photo of the day.

American Girl McKenna in the Fairy Garden

McKenna is Queen of the Fairies!

American Girl McKenna in the Flower Garden

McKenna having a conversation with one of the fairies. I wish I would have taken a close up of the little Fairy Schoolhouse to McKenna’s right. We got it for my Mom today and it has one door labeled Fairies and one door labeled Pixies.

American Girl McKenna in the Flower Garden

McKenna decided to explore the rest of the garden and found this gorgeous spot for getting her photo taken over by the fountain.

American Girl McKenna in the Flower Garden

McKenna wanted to climb the pedestal near the rose bush so she could get a look at the entire garden.

American Girl McKenna in the Flower Garden

McKenna’s message of the day – “Take time to stop and smell the flowers!!”

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  1. omg im the first commenter!! firstie!!

  2. cute

  3. Cute I tried to do the hair style on my doll but my palms were too sweaty darn

  4. Oh, these pictures are completely delightful! Love love love the fairy garden!

  5. qtlol10 says:

    So cute! Mckenna looks great on that dress! Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. Beautiful photos and that is such a pretty garden!

  7. WOW!! i have fallen in LOVE with McKenna now! now i REALLY want her!! just going to have to save up……… A LOT!!!!

  8. Caitlin says:

    Cool. I dont want McKenna.

  9. Wonderful! When you did the warning i just had to run upstairs and get my mckenna to read this post with me

  10. How cute!! Though I still don’t want McKenna (too many dolls and afraid that she would replace Elizabeth) I love to watch her adventures here on Doll Diaries! I’ll have to try that hairstyle, and now I’m itching to do some doll photography!

  11. CUTE! I even took a picture of my Mckenna wearing the same outfit and hairstyle while reading this post!

  12. Char- I absolutely love every single picture in this post and also what a wonderful garden :)

  13. OMG! How dute are those pictures?! What a nice garden you have! McKenna gives it an extra nice touch!

  14. Sorry, dute – cute!

  15. Anastasia says:

    McKenna looks very pretty in the Flower Garden dress and her hairstyle looks cute.

  16. It’s true, I fell in love with Mckenna! She is sooo pretty! I love fairies too!

  17. love your garden decor

  18. is it just me or does mckenna kind of remind you of elizabet? 😀

  19. i mean elizabeth!

  20. She looks gorgeous in these pictures!

  21. madelon says:

    What a beautiful place to take pictures!

  22. *dies of Mckenna’s awsomeness* My Ghost: She’s beauuuuuutiulll……

  23. cute

  24. love the hair and the outfit they look great on mckenna. She is such a preety doll

  25. Claire-she does I noticed that when she first came out then she looks like Chrissa a little to! Ag ag could have done better, but now that I look at this I’m starting to have second thoughts……………..

  26. Princess Belle says:

    Oh man, the more I come here, the more I want McKenna…. 😉 Mom! Where’s the credit card?!

  27. I NEED MCKENNA! :)

  28. aglover says:

    her lips look redder

  29. aglover says:

    i saw this and 2 weeks later she is sitting on my beg tehe i got her because of this

  30. McKenna’s hairstyle in this post looks awesome on dolls with bangs. She is so pretty… I think I want Mckenna now!