More details about the American Girl of the Year 2012 McKenna Brooks keep appearing as we get closer and closer to her debut (books available Dec. 27 and she will be available Jan. 1). Another reader sent in a few photos she took from the American Girl magazine of the McKenna Ready to Fly book cover. It looks like there will be a contest/giveaway for McKenna, too. And possibly a third book?

I also attached an image of the back of the American Girl Magazine February issue. It shows a picture of McKenna and also talks about a new giveaway. If you take their new Strength Finding Quiz (which isn’t out yet) you’ll be entered to win a McKenna doll and a three book-set. It doesn’t say any more about the third book.

McKenna Ready to Fly

Another picture of the cover art for McKenna Ready to Fly.

GOTY 2012 Mckenna challenge

Here is the photo of the magazine spread talking about the contest and McKenna’s Strength Finding Quiz. If you look closely it says the prize includes the doll and a three-book set. I wonder what the third book is – a third story or an activity book of some sort?

Take the Challenge

UPDATED – I am going to guess the third book is an activity book – Take the Challenge based on the link Jenny found.

Description from Amazon: Challenge yourself and others to these furiously fast and fabulously fun games! Includes timed challenges, art challenges, puzzle challenges, kindness challenges, family challenges, holiday challenges, and more! Fun facts, write-in logs, reward certificates, and other cool tools, will help you improve your skills, monitor your scores, and motivate yourself in work and play. So, go!

What do you think?