McKenna Models the Springfield Denim Jacket

So, Springfield Dolls is having a huge online sale right now and some of you have asked if American Girl dolls can wear Springfield Doll clothes and the answer is YES.

McKenna is wearing the super cute denim jacket that is a steal of a deal at $2.99 on the Springfield online shop right now. It fits her PERFECTLY. She is also wearing the sailor outfit that is on sale for $5.99.

You can see the jacket snaps up just fine and I just love the floral detail – it will pair so nicely with a girly floral dress or khakis or jeans or just about everything in the doll’s wardrobe!

Springfield doll Emma added the sparkly scarf and headband to her outfit for a very nice finishing touch.

Please let me know if you have any additional requests!


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  1. Firstie! Denim looks great on her!

  2. I almost made an order but the high cost of shipping is holding me back…. Sooooo cute though….

  3. Huff…puff…huff… *opens door to the Doll Castle, appears all sweaty and tired*
    Whew, hey guys, just got back from a comment spree on YouTube. By the way, THIRDIE BIRDIE!!! XD
    Are they selling that jacket at the stores or only the website?

  4. Secondie!

  5. You might find some in stores still, but I haven’t seen them in stores in a LONG time. I think this might be a web exclusive.

  6. I have 3 of those jackets, and I love them!

  7. Eighthie ADORABLE!!

  8. This is a really cute jacket! Does it bleed on the doll, and how’s the quality?

  9. The quality is very good. Because it is dark fabric, I would not trust it on the dolls for any length of time because it may rub off on the vinyl. I recommend putting something on underneath it.

  10. How does it fit over a shirt? Is it too snug or is the fit good?

  11. Just posted something new on my blog pls follow it is my first blog!

  12. Uh-oh! Fuhgeddaboudit. That jacket is super cute, but it was hard enough to get those black dye stains out of McKenna’s feet. I’d rather not risk going through that again, lol. ;P

  13. The jacket fits well over a short sleeved shirt. And Venus, I had it on my AG Sunny (formerly Julie) for the better part of a day when I was in Seattle. As long as your doll doesn’t spend a week in it, it’s fine.

  14. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Oh, Sandman, will you come yet? Maybe I’ll study until you do

  15. cute! probably ordering tonight!

  16. It fits fine over a shirt – not too snug at all. And like Sharry said, you should not have issues with staining unless you leave your doll in it for a long period of time. Any unlined, dark colored doll clothes can leave marks – whether it is from AG or another brand.

  17. I want that scarf and headband! To!

  18. Thanks, Sharry and Char! I guess my dolls will be fine. ^_^
    Now, here’s one thing I wonder: Why is it that the doll vinyl usually gets stained from red, blue, or black dye on their clothes? I never see this with other colors… :/

  19. I used to have a jacket just like this one!

  20. i orderd 60 dollars worth of clothes for only 20 plus i had a free shiping coupon SCORE!

  21. That looks super cute on McKenna!!

  22. Very cute!

  23. I made a video about a few Springfield products i have!! I love the jacket :)

  24. Do bitty baby and bitty twins clothes fit AG dolls? Cause I’ve seen a couple of AGs wear some of the clothing.

  25. They are a little big, but they can wear them and some outfits work really well.

  26. Right now at Joanne Fabrics online they have a great deal on the Springfied doll flip chair $5.99 and the bean bag chair also $5.99.

  27. lila Smith says:

    would the ballet slippers fit American girl dolls because i need some and they are a good price

  28. wow so cute :)

  29. I agree, AGInParadise!

  30. I better go check Emmie- she might be blue from cheer!

  31. OMG that jacket is super cute!!