Earth Day is such a great day to celebrate Mother Earth and it is coming up on April 22nd.  McKenna has been getting ready and she created treats for all of her friends to spread love and growth.  She made a really fun gift tag with the free printable to put on this lilac she is giving her BFF, Saige.

Then she cut out and assembled a bunch more and packaged them with grass seed to give to all of her friends so they could grow something to celebrate our awesome planet and also participate in Earth Day. She looks so cute with her ribbon pieces cut and ready to go around her neck like an accessory.

Here is the free printable that you can download.

What other fun ideas do you have that you could share for ways to use this printable?  It is cute attached to seed packets too and I betcha there are lots of other great ideas.  Together, we can spread growth and love Mother Earth on her special day.