McKenna Craft Kits Giveaway #1 – ENDED

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McKenna Craft Kits

I am still finishing up today’s doll play activity, but thought I would kick off this fun giveaway first. EKSuccess makes the American Girl craft kit line and recently added a whole bunch of McKenna inspired sets to the range (See this post for all the different McKenna sets they have).  They sent me a box of the goodies to try out and to giveaway to our readers. I will be doing two giveaways – this one, and one at a later date.

In this McKenna gift-pack giveaway we have:


  • Mandatory entry – leave a comment below letting us know your favorite McKenna “memory” – whether it is a scene from her book/movie, outfit, activity you have done with McKenna or just a farewell wish for McKenna as her year in the spotlight comes to an end.
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  1. Dear doll diaries,
    “Mckenna I loved all your outfits, also your bed and your dog awesome”.
    “Mckenna I will miss you with all my heart.”
    Welcome sagie!

    Chelsey & Molly

  2. I loved everything of mckenna!!!The hair is wonderful to play with!!!

  3. My favorite memory is in the movie Mckenna when Mckenna and Toulane find the dancers in the room thier faces just light up!

  4. My favorite McKenna memory was taking my little girl to American Girl Place and seeing her face light up when she saw the McKenna display for the first time. She fell instantly in love with the doll and her whole collection. We both knew that McKenna was the doll for her. :)

  5. americangirlkit4 says:

    I don’t have mckenna but I fell sad that she is now gone. She had beautiful hair, closes, dog, bed, and my favorite her movie.

  6. I liked mckenna but i have to admit i like saige better. I loved Mckennas colors though and i love these kits

  7. which fever was bigger mckenna fever or kanani fever? I think it was mckenna because she had a movie and her is so easily styled or so i’ve seen and heard. What do you think?

  8. I love Mckenna! My favorite McKenna moment is when she sticks her landing at the qualifying meet in the movie. :)

  9. I dont have Mckenna. She is so beautiful and I wish I had picked one up.

  10. I dont have Mckenna.

  11. My daughter loved the Mckenna doll and her gymnastics sets so much we had to make them for her Jess doll (as they were all sold out of the bars and beam set at the time – we even turned our doll ice cream shoppe into a gymnastics studio!

  12. I don’t have Mckenna,but i have seen her movie and my fav. part was when she wants another tutor and the boy that was sleeping fell back with his legs up.

  13. AGMcKenna94 says:

    I am so going to miss McKenna. I forgot to add this on my last entry, but who cares. My favorite McKennna moment is when I first opened her. It was my birthday this year, my parents TRICKED me into thinking that McKenna was SOLD OUT!!! I was SOOOO sad because I got her school outfit and not the doll her slef. What a bummer!!!! So then my dad said,”Hey, I think you left your bag or someting in the dining rooom.” So I walked into the dining room and almost tripped over a box. I yelled “Hey!!! What’s this?” My mom answered “Come in here with it!!!” So I did.As soon as I sat down I ripped open the packaging. On he front of the box I saw the words McKenna. I looked up at te face hole thingy and screamed “NO WAY!!! i THOUGT SHE WAS SOLD OUT!!! yYU GUYS SOOOOO TRICKED ME. THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY OF MY LIFE!!!!! NO OFFENCE!!!!” I was so overjoyed. That was one of the best days of my life! love McKenna and will miss her colllection SOOOOO much. Have I mentioned that McKennna means EVERYTHING to me? She is like my little mini-me. Have I mentioned that? AGMcKenna94

  14. AGisamzinglovemcKenna1234 says:

    Love mcKenna is amazing I am going to miss her I am bummed that I did not get all the outfits because they are SOLD OUT !!!!!!

  15. I just got Mckenna today! If I won this I would DIE!!!! I so want this more than anything!!! I was supposed to get her starter collection, but it got sold out! And I was like “WHAT!!!” and my heart was SO broken! I even CRIED a little! Then today, I put on my own leotard and me and Mckenna did cartwheels, handstands, back bends, and bridges!So winning this means EVERYTHING to me! Everything. Thank you!!

  16. I’m soooo sad to see Mckenna leave! She is probably my second fave doll in my collection, beauty wise!(first fave is Kanani)

    Thanks for this give away!

  17. My favorite memory will be when my daughter receives her McKenna doll for Christmas that she has been begging for.

  18. My favorite part in the Mckenna movie is when Josie invites Mckenna and Toulain to watch her and then they makeup!!!

  19. My favorite McKenna “memory” is her BED! oh I love it so much!

  20. paris payne! says:

    My fave Mckenna moment is when she gets back on her feet after she gets her cast off!

  21. Emma-me too:):(

  22. dolldiaryslover8 says:

    in the movie i loved the part when she won!

  23. Hello! I shared a post on Facebook, I followed you on Pinterest, I blogged about it, here, and I am entering here! I think that is four entrys. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    Oh, and I love the scene in the Mckenna movie where Toulane is being a spy through the halls of the school! 😀

  24. I love dressing McKenna and making her flip over and over she is the best too bad most of her stuff is sold out

  25. I don’t have McKenna, but I did enjoy seeing her in the catalogue and in the store when I went. She really is a gorgeous doll and I will miss her!

  26. Loved having four McKennas around our dinner table at my daughter’s birthday party with her friends. Each was dressed differently with different hair-dos and all looked beautiful!

  27. My daughters will be opening their AG dolls for Christmas. These are their first :) I had a lot of fun shopping around AG store. McKenna is perfect for my oldest girl. Hope she likes her as much as I do!

  28. I got the Mckenna doll and i gave her a twin (Marie-Grace) :) She is A very beatiful doll. :)

  29. We bought McKenna for our daughter for her birthday. As it is near the end of the year,, she was back-ordered. finally, a week after her birthday the much waited package arrived while we were out shopping. Her fun-loving dad and brothers decided to hide McKennas box. My daughter had to play the hot/cold game to find here precious doll. It was pretty funny to watch her running around the house.

    A few words from my daughter:

    Farewell McKenna I will miss you more than ever!!!!!!!when I first saw her I fell in love with every part of her I had to get her!!!!!!farewell McKenna!!!!!!!!!

  30. Emailed 2 friends

  31. I liked the doll she was a very pretty doll and her app the games is so much fun.
    Told 1 person emailed 3 and liked you and american girl on Facebook.

  32. I also posted a comment on you doll diaries video mckennas arrival under the80’sgirl23 .

  33. Just emailed 2 more people.

  34. McKenna is by far my favourite goty doll I have had so many great adventures with her even though I have not got her she is even my imaginary friend(by the way I live in Scotland and I am in Orlando so I am so excited and I am going to the ag store in losangelas I February plus I am almost ten years old)I will miss you McKenna more than I have ever missed a doll and a imaginary friend bye bye farewell we all love you I just hope that I can get you in time before you go to the archives love you McKenna xxx p.s good luck in the archives miss you

  35. Robyn Fitzgerald says:

    “I am hoping to make so many memories with Mckenna, when I find her under my tree on Christmas morning! I was extra good this year so I hope she is there!” Madison, age 10

  36. Am I the only one around here who thinks it’s going to be super awkward once the new year rolls in and we see McKenna in the archives? I still haven’t even gotten used to seeing Kanani in the archives… :/

  37. My favorite Mckenna memory was watching my younger sister pick out her Mckenna doll at the Seattle AG store. She had been wanting and saving all year long for her and when she got her my mom surprised her with Mckenna’s starter collection! She was one happy girl! :)

  38. AGMcKenna94 says:

    Char-When will you be putting the winner up? I am going out of town for the holidays.(i will be leaving Saturday.) :( AGMcKenna94

  39. I am posting the winners on Friday

  40. oh awesome

  41. My favorite part of her is her story and just she is so bbbbbbeeeeeaaaaaauuuuttttttiiiiifffffuuuullll (beautiful)!

  42. I love her! She is just a beauty! But my favorite city has to be Lanie! But McKenna is the doll I was going to buy at the Ag store! When I went she was sold out! ):

  43. I mean My favorite both has to be Lanie!

  44. Omg! My computer is putting the wrong words! I mean my favorite goty is Lanie!

  45. Her are my favorite gotys
    1. Lanie
    I am a huge fan of these 2! I almost cried when I found out that McKenna was sold out!This list will change when I buy Saige!!!!!!

  46. I love her collection! That is my favorite part of McKenna!

  47. My favorite memory of McKenna was when she was doing all her flips and stuff in the movie.

  48. McKenna’s and her accesories reminds me of all of the excitement of the olympics and summer fun.