Sorry for the technical difficulties today! Here are the Sunday Showcase submissions that I did not get uploaded this morning. Thanks again for your patience.

From Kristen L.- On the behalf of all my dolls, Grace and Ivy thank Doll Diaries for the Doll Diaries goodies for entering the CDD Logo Contest.

From Laura V

From Katie M.

From Suzanne – My Japanese Licca doll relaxes in the new lounge chair I made from an empty sushi container.

From Isabella and Kit – All the dolls are headed to the beach.

Josie and I planted some Marigolds , and we hope they sprout into big , beautiful , colorful flowers soon !  – Universe Revolves

From Bella – Its finally so nice outside.  So Zaila just had to pose for a picture with her friend lawn knowm. He is sad because of the recent lawn incident of 2014  where he fell over and chipped his hat.

Thanks again for your patience today!! Have a great week.