Today is such an exciting day in my world – the Olympic flame was lit earlier today in Greece marking to official countdown to the 2012 Olympic Games in London. England’s own Matilda is doing a little time travel from her Tudor era to now so she can get in on the excitement – after all, the Olympics will be in her home country.

A Girl for All Time Matilda and American Girl Chrissa

Chrissa: “Ummm, Matilda, what are you doing?”

Matilda replied, “Just practicing my balance move for my big routine on the balance beam – you know, for the Olympics that are being held in my home country!”

Chrissa – “Well, you have 78 days left to get it right because the Olympic flame was lit in Greece today. I’d help you, but my sport is swimming.”

A Girl for All Time Matilda and American Girl Chrissa

Matilda: “Maybe your friend McKenna can help me get ready?”

Chrissa: “McKenna? Haven’t seen her. You might have to talk with Ivy instead.”

Matilda: “Well, Elle told me…”

Chrissa: “What did she tell you? And do you actually believe her?”

Matilda and Chrissa

Matilda: “She mumbled something about … oh, she was probably just teasing me!”

Chrissa: “Oh, by the way, where did you get your outfit? That doesn’t look like something a Tudor girl would wear.”

Matilda: “Blair (Going in Circles) let me borrow it. It is really a Journey Girls outfit so it fits me great! You could probably borrow the shirt, but there is no way you could get the shorts over that American Girl booty of yours.”

Chrissa: “So what is Blair wearing now?”

Matilda: “She is wearing that great polka-dot dress from Carpatina that I had on earlier. Take a look – that girl can make anything look amazing!”

Ellowyne Wilde Going in Circles

As you can tell, I am getting a little excited for the summer Olympics!! And I wonder what Elle told Matilda and I wonder if it had anything to do with Elle working on the computer last week?