Maplelea Girls

Why should American Girls have all the fun? A reader just pointed me in the direction of Maplelea Girls – dolls based on Canadian culture. The dolls are the creation of  Canadian mother and entrepreneur, Kathryn Gallagher Morton, who is also the owner of Avonlea Traditions, creator of Anne of Green Gables dolls and accessories. Morton wanted to create a wholesome yet contemporary line of Canadian dolls. The 18” dolls are designed in Canada, as are all their clothes and accessories.

From the website:

Four special girls are finding their way into the hearts of young Canadians and inspiring them to do amazing things. There is nature-loving Taryn from the Rockies, innovative Alexi from urban Ontario, pony-riding Brianne from the prairies, and sporty Jenna from the Maritimes. Each girl has a distinctive personality and interests but they are all imaginative, adventurous and, most importantly, happy with who they are at this time in their lives.

The Maplelea Girls are part of a unique Canadian play experience featuring premium dolls, accessories and journals that celebrate our country’s spirit, identity and diversity. They were created to provide an age-appropriate alternative to the glut of “diva” dolls that are mass-marketed to young girls, making them focus too early on teenage issues such as glamour, make-up, body image and dating. Maplelea Girls, by contrast, encourage creative play, healthy active lifestyles, and a knowledge and pride of the country we live in.

These look like really cute dolls! I like that they come with a journal, too. If any of my readers has pictures of their Maplelea dolls, we’d love to see them! Email them to me at