Maplelea Dolls Can Wear Springfield Doll Clothes

Maplelea and Springfield Dolls

So, I got an email asking if Maplelea dolls can wear Springfield doll clothes and the answer is YES. 

Maplelea Taryn is wearing the Springfield Plaid Tunic, Madame Alexander leggings and the black slouch boots from Springfield. The boots are just a tiny, tiny bit too small for her but, they still fit – they are just snug.

Springfield doll Madison is wearing Taryn’s meet outfit and the tights are a little loose, but not noticable. 

These two brands can definitely share wardrobes!

If you have any other side by side requests or “Can this doll wear that doll’s clothes?” leave me a comment. I will do my best to compare them for you.

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  1. Pretty Irish AG says:


  2. Presumably AG can’t wear Carpentinia, correct? How about AG, Maplelea, Springfeild, and Our Generation?

  3. ag dolls can wear capentina that is for them

  4. Elizabeth – AG can wear the Carpatina stuff that is made for the 18″ soft body dolls, but not their slim body dolls. AG can wear Maplelea, Springfield, Our Generation, Madame Alexander Favorite Friends, Sophia’s and a few others. AG cannot wear Journey Girls, but Journey Girls can share with Carpatina slim body, the 18″ line from FAO and Kidz ‘n Cats. Does that help? I need to make a giant matrix!

  5. The Carpatina Summer Chic outfit (soft bodied dolls) has jeans too big for even larger Pleasant Company AGs (who are more stuffed), and a top that barely fits Springfield Collection, (sillmer than standard AGs). I’m not sure what measurements they used when designing that outfit.

  6. Anisah Morrison says:

    My bitty twin can use a dress from Journey girls as a dress and a dress for Journey Girls can work as a blouse for 18”

  7. Char- Do you know any clothes that will fit Only Hearts Club dolls? :)

  8. OOPS. That should read SLIMMER. Sorry.

  9. thats the cutest ive ever seen a maplee

  10. Char, have you ever heard of a life of faith dolls? If so do you have any? Or Do you know where I could buy one?

  11. Ava – yes I have but they are retired. Your best bet is to look on ebay.

  12. Hey, just so everyone knows, AG is having a cyber monday sale (like Black Friday). It has some good deals like the real me outfit for 13$ and other stuff marked down. It’s only happening today!

  13. Hi Guys! I now have a blog and youtube account. If anyone knows how to change your youtube name please help. I want it to be Not Afraid To Be Me Studios. But Youtube said it had to be my name! My blog adress is melodyrp11901.

  14. @ Sharry, Carpatina also uses a Gotz Little Sister Tess as a model for their 18″/American Girl-sized clothes. Some Tess dolls are on the chubbier side (although my former Tess was really quite skinny, a Tess belonging to a friend of mine is rather chubby).

  15. wow! now i know.

  16. @Melody, I have had troubles too! First, click on your username at the right upper corner. Go to settings. Then, right below your username will be something that says “Advanced Settings”. Click on it. Then, it will lead you to the page where you can change your username. However, this only works if you haven’t changed your name to your username before.
    Glad to be help! 😀

  17. That’s really cool, but it looks like the Maplelea clothes are very loose on Madison. Also, I’m not such a big fan of Taryn’s meet outfit, but the springfield clothes look really cute on her!

  18. I don’t have either doll but this is great info to have!

    @Melody You should add your website where you add your name and email the comments! That way people can click on your name and go to your blog! :)

  19. Claire – I will try to do a few more swaps – I also have Taryn’s snow suit Madison can try on and Saila’s outfit, too.

  20. Can Maplelea’s wear American girl clothes and vice versa ?

  21. Samantha – yes Maplelea and American Girl can wear each other’s clothes.

  22. Char, do you have any Journey Girls?

    I live in Oman and they sell 2 of them at Toys R Us, the one with short hair and glasses and the one with red hair. But I was wondering if you recommend them? I have Sonali (being replaced for Saige once Saige is out), Nicki, Kanani, Julie and Chrissa and on December 4th I’m getting Elizabeth and Nellie. Possibly Kirsten, but she can’t find her and thinks she lost her when they moved =(. I wanted to get a little sister for them and thought maybe a Journey Girl would do.

  23. We have one of the Journey Girls and she is very cute. The big thing to know is that she can wear some AG clothes – many of them are too big around – but her clothes will be too tight on AG. They are fine sharing accessories and furniture thought.

  24. Can AG’s wear Springfield shoes? I’ve gotten several outfits with those %40 off coupons, but was always afraid to buy the shoes. Do they fit? Oh, and I found this AMAZING Journey Girls loft bed for only $75, and it came with so much stuff! I might buy it with Christmas money :- )

  25. Amanda – Springfield feet are slightly longer than AG feet so AGs can wear Springfield shoes but not always the other way around.

  26. Yes, it does help. Thanks Char!

    (a giant chart would be nice though…)

  27. Thanks courtney and Alison! I ill definetely try that. Now that I have a youtube account I can send in videos!