It doesn’t matter where you live, one thing seems to always ring true – girls love to play with dolls and dolls that represent their heritage, hobbies, and personalities are the most popular. Maplelea Girls are those dolls for the girls of Canada. The collection of five dolls representing the girls from the various Canadian regions are high quality, 18′ vinyl play dolls.

Taryn, Brianne, Alexi, Jenna and Léonie are the Maplelea Girls. Today we received our very own Maplelea doll to review – Taryn. Like her American Girl friends, Taryn is a soft-bodied doll with vinyl, poseable limbs. She has bright eyes with long eyelashes and her eyes close when she is lying down. Her long brown hair is easy to brush and she comes dressed in a turtleneck, skirt, tights and cute blue boots.

The box the Maplelea Girls dolls come in is very high quality and is meant to be kept as a storage box for the doll and her gear. Additionally, it comes with a 64-page journal with the doll’s story and lots of question and answer pages for your daughter to document her own story.

One of the most common questions we get when it comes to the various doll lines is “how tall is the doll compared to an American Girl doll or can they wear the same clothes?” The Maplelea Girls are the same height as the American Girl dolls (Taryn looks taller in this picture, but its the shoes) and they are a bit slimmer as well.

Here you can see Taryn vs. Chrissa. As will all dolls that come into our house, Taryn has been introduced around and is making friends with all her new American Girl pals.

The Maplelea Girls dolls are $99 (Canadian) each and are available only from the Maplelea website. The dolls also have a full line of outfits, accessories, furniture and pets.