I was just setting up a few things in the doll room and thought I would share a few quick photos I just snapped.

While I was at Target the other day, I picked up a few containers of Valentine fun foam stickers for a $1 per container. One container is just various shaped hearts and the other set are fun foam versions of my favorite Valentine candy ever – conversation hearts.

Inspired by the backdrop Jen made for us recently, I measured a piece of pink embroidery floss long enough to reach from one corner of the American Doll Room to the other with a little drape to it.  Then I placed my hearts on the floss in the pattern I wanted to create. I found the matching heart for each one and stuck them together so the string was covered.  

Marisol is making Valentine’s for her friends while sitting at the desk from The Queen’s Treasures.

Harmony Club Jazzmin and Nicki came in in to see what Marisol was working on, too! 

Jazzmin is wearing the purple argyle tee from Springfield, AG capris and her own shoes. Marisol is wearing McKenna’s warmups and a Doll Diaries cami. And Nicki is wearing Saige’s sweater outfit.

What creative activities are your dolls working on for Valentine’s Day ?