Karen here, this week my thoughts turn to spring like fun outdoor games that you can make to bring doll play outside on nice Spring days or play inside on not so nice Spring days! Horse shoes is an old but fun game to play and very easy for you to make for your dolls with just a few craft items you may already have on hand.

To make your own Doll Sized Horse Shoes game you will need:

Glue (craft or glue gun)

2 Popsicle sticks

1 pipe cleaner

A pony bead

1 sheet of fun foam

Scrap paper


Pen or Pencil

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies. If you are using a hot glue gun, plug it in and warm it up.

Step 2- In the center of one of your Popsicle sticks add a dab of glue. Place the other Popsicle stick on top creating an “X” shape and press together. Allow to dry.

Step 3- In the center of the “X” you created place another dab of glue and press your pony bead into place with the open center facing up, as shown in the photo above.

Step 4- Fold a pipe cleaner in half and make a cut.


Step 5-  Bring the ends of the cut pipe cleaner together and twist. Then place the end in the pony bead, you can add glue to hold it in place or leave it so you can fold it flat for storage.

Step 6- On a scrap piece of paper write an upper case letter “U” then make a line from your U, 1/2 in on either side and draw a larger “U” cut it out from the paper and this is your pattern for your fun foam horse shoes.

Step 7- Trace and cut out Three Horse Shoes, from fun foam for each doll. Your dolls can hold the horse shoes and the horse shoes should fit around the pipe cleaner pole of your “X” stand.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Today Olivia my Springfield Doll is wearing “Party Outfit” kindly provided by Springfield Collection, Ruthie is wearing a dress I made, shoes for both dolls provided by Springfield Collection