Karen here, with my first post of 2014. Today I wanted to share with you a fun and very easy craft that you can do to dress up your old doll shoes! I recently received the Darice Rhinestone Setter from www.consumercrafts.com and it is my new favorite crafting tool! With in a few minutes you can add sparkle to your dolls shoes, purses, hair-bows, clothing  and so much more.

To create today’s craft you will need:

  • A Rhinestone Setter – mine is from Darice (Get at Consumer Crafts, Joann, Michaels and even Amazon)
  • Hot-fix Rhinestones (I used 5mm)
  • Your doll’s shoes to embellish
  • An adult to help supervise
  • *-A sewing needle

Step 1- Select the tip size that matches your rhinestones, screw it into the Rhinestone Setter.  Then plug in  your Darice Rhinestone Setter, it needs two minutes to get to the proper temperature to heat up the glue on the back of the rhinestones.

Step 2- Assemble all your supplies, your shoes, your rhinestones and a sewing needle.

Step 3- Use the tip of your Rhinestone setter to pick up one of the rhinestones shiny side up (Grey glue side down)

Step 4- Position and place the rhinestone where you would like it to stick on your shoes. I chose the middle of the bows on the ballet flats and the rosettes on my white pair of shoes.

Step 5- Carefully press the rhinestone into place, keeping in mind that the tip is very hot! Count to 5 and gently pull the Rhinestone setter back, your gem should be glued into place. If your rhinestone doesn’t easily come up, use the head of a sewing needle through the slit at the bottom of the tip to loosen the glue, on a few of my rhinestones the glue held the stone in the applicator and not shoe. The needle helped to loosen the stone and it stayed in place on the shoe!

Step 6- Repeat on the remaining shoe.

I am truly enjoying this wonderful new crafting  tool and if you are thinking of adding a little “bling” to your life this year I recommend this wonderful tool. I look forward to sharing more doll crafts with you next week.