Karen here Easter is right around the corner and I thought it would be fun to transform a doll hair band into a pair of Easter Bunny Ears!  This is a quick and fun hand sewing project that you can make for your own dolls or as a fun party craft.

To make a pair for your dolls you will need:


Step 1- Assemble all your supplies and draw out an ear shape on your paper. Mine is Three inches tall. Next draw the inner of your ear slightly thinner and smaller mine is 2 inches tall. Cut these paper patterns out and set a side.

Step 2- Cut out 4 of the 3 inch ear shapes from your felt. Then cut 2 of the smaller inner ear from your felt and set it aside.

Step 3- Ben your pipe cleaner in half and use your scissors to cut it at the bend. Place them aside.


Step 4- Thread your needle and knot the end.

Step 5- Place the inner ear felt on top of one of the felt ear pieces and straight stitch it into place. Repeat on the other ear.

Step 6- Next place the felt ear piece with the inner ear sewn in place on top of the matching plain ear piece. Start at the side and sew by hand all the way up and around the ear leaving the bottom part open. Repeat on the remaining pieces.


Step 7- Use your pipe cleaners and your hair band to determine where the placement of the ears should be. Twist your pipe cleaners into place as shown in the photo above.


Step 8- Use a pencil to open the felt ears and then slide each one over your pipe cleaners and use your needle and thread to stitch the ears in to place.


Step 9- Now that the ears are in place add ribbon bows at the base of each of the ears.


I had so much fun putting these little ears together and I hope that you have fun making them for your dolls!