Karen here with a Tutorial on how to make your dolls Sock Monkey Stockings. These felt stockings are fun and easy to make. You can make them for your dolls and hang them on your holiday tree.

Here is what you need to make your own doll sized Sock Monkey Stockings

Step 1-Gather your supplies and have a grown up plug in your glue gun. Print out and cut up pattern pieces.

Step 2- Cut out your felt pieces and set aside

Step 3- Cut out your adhesive sheets to match your accent  pattern pieces, Place on one sticky side of your adhesive sheet on your felt and stick them to the front of your doll stocking. then pull off the backing from the other side and press the felt piece into place. Start with the red trim at the top of the stocking followed by the mouth and nose area.

Step 4- Add the pieces for the scarf and press into place.

Step 5- Use the glue gun to attach the button eyes to your stocking.

Step 6- Use your black marker to draw the line in the center of the mouth and nostrils.

Step 7-  Using the hot glue or more of the adhesive strips attach the felt strip for the loop to hang your dolls stocking. Run a line of glue along the inside edge of the stocking and press the stocking front to the back. If you have a holiday button you wish to decorate your Sock Monkey’s scarf with just use more hot glue and press into place. Let the stocking dry and trim edges if needed.

Step 8- Once dry give to your doll or use as a holiday ornament.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial today and we can not wait to see what you make with it!