Karen here and today I wanted to share with you an easy way you can add to your dolls “food and drink” collection by making your dolls their own tasty treats! Ice Cream soda’s are a wonderful invention don’t you think? Did you know that in the late 1800’s Soda was once thought to be a miracle cure, so when ice cream soda’s were invented and became and instant hit, local governments restricted the sale of these tasty treats and even banned the sale of them on Holy days out of fear! Once it was figured out that the ice cream soda was not a dangerous medicine and just a tasty treat it’s popularity has really never gone away! In the 1950’s soda shops and ice cream sodas really became popular – making this the perfect activity for our 50s week!

Today I wanted to share with you a fun way you can create your own using Sculpey Polymer Clay, to make your own you will need:

  • Sculpey Clay  in Pink, White, Red and Brown (Char please link if you have a special link for this summer)
  • Wax paper or Sculpey Work & Bake Mat
  • An oven safe baking sheet
  • A ruler
  • Sculpey Tool Set or craft plastic knife
  • Scissors
  • A drinking Straw
  • *Your Oven preheated to the manufactures recommended setting

Step 1- Cover your work space and assemble all your supplies. Pre-heat the oven.

Step 2- Roll out your “Soda Cup”. Work the clay into a large thick snake about 1/2 inch thick by 1 1/2 inches high.

Step 3- Use the knife shaped tool to make the cup indents as shown above, all the way around your “cup”

Step 4- Set your “cup” aside and wash your hands and work surface. This helps keep your lighter clay free of darker color that may get picked up from your work space. Open the white clay which will be your “whip cream or melting ice cream”

Step 5- Work the white clay with your hands into a thin snake shape and use your thumb and index finger to flatten it into a ribbon shape. Roll the end into the ribbon your created slowly creating a “rosette” of white for the top of your soda. Place it on top of your pink “cup” and press it into place gently.

Step 6- Use your scissors to cut your straw 1 inch long. gently press the straw into your clay. Cover the bottom of the remainder of your pink cup with more of the white ribbon clay, press it into place around the straw and into the other white rosette as shown in the photos above.

Step 7- Open your red clay and roll out a very small red ball, this will be the “cherry” which is my favorite part!  Press it into the “melting cream” white ribbon clay.

Step 8- Open your brown clay and roll out a very thin snake like shape, use your tool to help you cut out the stem for your cherry and then press it into place.

Step 9-Carefully transfer to your baking sheet and bake your clay according to the manufacturers instructions. Remove from the oven cool completely before giving to your dolls to enjoy!

What other soda shop inspired treats can you make while you are at it? How about a root beer float or an ice cream sundae?

Be sure to send your camp photos to team@dolldiaries.com so we include them in the Camp Memories post – and you may even be a lucky winner of a mystery prize!