Karen here and I have a fun and easy costume you can make your dolls from fun foam for Halloween. My nieces all loved Frozen and I know they are going to love this dolly costume. To make your own you will need:

  • Two pieces of White Fun Foam
  • 1 piece of orange fun foam
  • 1 piece cream fun foam
  • 1 piece brown fun foam
  • 2  Large Google eyes
  • 3 brown pipe cleaners
  • 1 black pipe cleaners
  • 3 black buttons or black fun foam circle stickers
  • Clear Tape
  • Glue gun or double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • 24 inches of Ribbon
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies. If using a glue gun, plug it in now to warm up. Use your pencil and ruler to cut out your shape for your snowman’s face. Your face shape should be cut to 6 inches.

Step 2- Cut the black pipe cleaner at 5 inches and bend on end of the longer piece up and then bend the piece you cut around the bottom to create your snowman’s hair. Tape it into place on the back side.

Step 3- Turn your snowman’s face over and plan out your facial expression. I cut all these pieces by hand with out a pattern. Place your eyes where you would like them and glue them into place. Cut out a mouth from the cream fun foam. Cut out a small rectangle for the snowman’s teeth and glue it on your mouth. Glue it into place under your snowman’s eyes, then cut out a nose from the orange and glue it into place. Cut out thin brown eyebrows from your fun foam and glue them into place above your large googly eyes.

Step 4- For your snowman’s body you will need to round the edges of your other fun foam piece with your scissors. Use your glue or your double sided tape and tape your snowman head to the body as shown in the photos above.

Step 5- Cut a pipe cleaner in half. Tape the pipe cleaners into place on the back side of your snowman’s body.


Step 6- Cut another brown pipe cleaner into three pieces twist two of the pieces around your brown pipe cleaner arms to create fingers.

Step 7- Cut a 24 inch piece of ribbon in half and tape them or glue them to the back side of your snowman fun foam costume and then tie your costume on your doll!

I hope you enjoyed today’s craft tutorial!