Karen here and today I am sharing my “Caesar” inspired doll costume you can make for your boy dolls.  I was inspired by an image for a Caesar Costume I saw online and I made mine using items I had on hand and items you can easily acquire to make your own.

To make your own costume you will need:

  • A White Newborn Baby Diaper Shirt
  • Scissors
  • Red Felt
  • Burgundy or Brown Felt
  • Tuilp Fabric Markers
  • Your Doll

Step 1- Put the diaper shirt on your doll. Make sure that the shirt is long enough to make the dress part of the outfit. Use scissors to cut straight across the shirt at the bottom removing the snaps.  Take the “dress” off your doll.

Step 2- Use a black Tulip Fabric Marker to outline the neck line and the arms.

Step 3- Use your  Yellow Tulip Fabric Marker and make a design with in the lines you created mine looked like upside down “L’s”

Step 4- Make the red sash. I used one whole piece of Red Felt and folded it in half on the bias at 2 inches. Then I cut a slit up the center of the felt to make the sash, no sewing required. Slip it over your dolls shoulder and arms so that it looks like the photo above.

Step 5 -For the Belt I used a piece of burgundy felt and I folded it in half with the short ends together. I then made a 6 inch slit in the middle of the felt. I then put it on my doll to make sure that the belt would stay in place. If you are using a doll that is not American Girl your dolls waist may be thinner so measure it first.

Step 6- Remove the belt and cut the felt in strips with points on the end, cut the strips first and then cut the ends on an angle to make pointy end.

Step 7- Put the belt on your doll over the dress and tuck in the sash as shown. Your doll costume is ready for play. 

I hope you will have fun making no sew costumes like this one for your dolls!