Karen here and today I wanted to share with you one of my most favorite childhood crafts. My grandmother used to make these yarn kittens for me when I was growing up. She would use her left over yarn to create one of a kind kittens for her grandchildren and for her local craft fairs. Today I wanted to show you how you can make a doll sized version of my grandmothers yarn kittens.

To create your own you will need:

  • A piece of cardboard ( I used the packaging from the insert of my calendar, you can use a cereal box if you like)
  • Scissors for paper/cardboard
  • Scissors for yarn and fabric I used Fiskars No. 5 Mirco-Tip scissors
  • A Pencil
  • Yarn
  • Felt Scraps for the cat nose, ears and tail (grey, white, pink, black)
  • Small black beads for the kittens eyes
  • Glue I used Beacon Kids Choice Glue! it is fast drying and easy to use
  • A Cotton Swab
  • A printed copy of the circle template to trace on your cardboard (Download the yarn kittens template)
  • Ribbon or sequin trim for the cats collar

Step 1- Print out the template and cut out the circles and circle centers. Trace these on to your cardboard and cut them out as shown above.

Step 2- Make sure you have your supplies all close at hand. Find the end of your yarn and place your cut out cardboard circles on top of each other.

Step 3- Pull enough yarn from the ball to go from your index finger to your elbow three or four times. Then make a cut in your yarn.

Step 4- Place the yarn through the center hole of both of your circle centers as show in the photo above.

Step 5- I like to knot my yarn around the outer circle I find it easier to work with so if you are comfortable doing this do so now. If  not continue to wrap the yarn around the circles as shown above. If you run out of yarn  you can cut some more from your ball and tie it to the end of the yarn you are working with. Continue to wrap yarn around your circle until the circle is covered. I only went around once on all three of the pom poms I made, you can wrap more if you like.

Step 6-  Once you have gone all the way around, leave a bit of yarn exposed. Cut another small piece of yarn about 4 inches long from your ball of yarn to help tie off the pom pom. 

Step 7- Use your scissors to cut the yarn between the circles as shown in the photo above. Go slowly and carefully snip each yarn along the outside edge, at the half way mark insert the 4 inch piece of yarn between the cardboard.

Step 8- Tie a knot around the yarn as shown in the photos above. Once you have tied your knot in the 4 inch yarn and pulled it tight, pull the cardboard off the sides. Leave the long string ends long.

Step 9- Repeat steps 3-8 twice more until you have three pom poms. These pom poms make up the body and head of your kitten.

Step 10- You will need to tie all three of the pom poms together to create the body and head of your kitten. Use the long yarn ends to tie all three pom poms to each other. Trim the yarn ends as you go so that they blend in with the pom poms.  One Pom pom will be come the head, choose which one you would like to be the the head, part the yarn so you can see where you will glue the nose, eyes and ears.

Step 11- Cut two triangle ears from your felt, then cut two slightly smaller triangles for the inside of the ears. Part the yarn and add your glue with a cotton swab to the area you wish to place the ears. Press your felt ears into place.

Step 12- Cut a small pink triangle from felt for your kittens noses and press into place. Cut a long triangle for the cats tail and glue into place.

Step 13- Add more glue to the yarn face where you would like to place the cats eyes and then press the small beads into the glue.


Step 14- To make a collar for your new kitten cut a small amount of ribbon or sequin trim, wrap it around your kittens neck and glue it into place. Once dry give your kitten to your dolls to love! I hope you enjoyed today’s craft and I can not wait to see all the kittens you will make! ~ Karen

Today I used my American Girl Doll I call Jillian and my Extra Special Doll Hannah who is  a beautiful doll with down syndrome  from http://extraspecialdolls.com/