Karen here. When I think of Circus, I always think of the Lion’s and the brave Lion tamers I saw when I was a very young girl when the circus came to town. Today’s play set is inspired by my trip all those long years ago! To make your own Lion Tamer’s Play Set you will need:

  • Duck Tape
  • An Empty Round Container, (I used a baking powder container)
  •  Yarn (I used Red Heart )
  •  Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • A Ruler
  • Your Dolls Pet

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies. Using a pipe cleaner, measure your doll pet’s head and create a ring that you can easily slide on to their head but that will fit as snugly as possible. Remove from your doll pet’s head wist the ends together to make a ring.

Step 2- Use your ruler and measure out 7 inch long strands of yarn cutting and setting them aside as you go. You will need quite a few to make your pet’s mane quite full.

Step 3- Start stringing them on to your ring. Fold your string in half, place it through the pipe cleaner circle and then thread the ends through the loop, keeping the pipe cleaner in the center as shown in the photo above and then pull then ends through as shown.

Step 4- Continue stringing on your yarn until your “Mane” is as full as you like.

Step 5-  Once the “Mane” is on your doll pet, you may wish to trim the “Mane” so your pet can see!

Step 6- As I am not a fan of whipping Animals, I did not make one for this play set. Instead I made a Hoop, for your dolls to hold instead. I “braid” twisted my pipe cleaners to make my hoop interesting. You can do the same and then twist it into a hoop and bend the ends into place. Now it is ready for your doll to hold!

Step 7- To make the platform for your pet to stand on, you will need to use an empty round container, I used the baking powder container shown above and covered the writing with Duck Tape. Once it is covered your platform and play set are ready to use! Have fun with your new play set!