Today I wanted to share my No Sew Fun Fringe T-Shirt craft that I have made for my doll. I love the new Beforever line for girls and thought this fun t-shirt would go great with my fun felt fringe skirt that I made. I loved the results and hope you will too!

To make your own No Sew Fun Fringe T-Shirt You will need:

-a 20 inch x16 inch piece of stretch knit fabric such as an old extra large t-shirt


-A Ruler

-A pencil

-Your Doll

*To decorate your Shirt you will need:

-fabric paint

-Phoomph for fabric

-Scrap material with a design you would like on your t-shirt. I used horse material I had on hand.

Step 1- Assemble your supplies and if you have not yet prepare to cut your fabric. Make sure to fold your fabric so that when you measure 8 inches up  from the ends you are on the fold Measure the bottom edge so it is 10 inches long. This will be the neck and shoulders of your dolls shirt.

Step 2- Once your have cut out your fabric and folded it measures 8 inches high by 10 inches wide. Lay your doll on top of the fabric in the center. Use a pencil to make a dot at either side of her neck. this will show you where to cut your opening for her head.

Step 3- Use your scissors to cut out a very small semi circle from point to point. This will be the neck opening of your shirt. Unfold and place it over your dolls head to make sure it fits. If you need to trim a little more you can, if you have trimmed to much don’t worry you have created a scoop neck top.

Step 4- Use your ruler to measure  from the bottom of the t-shirt 4.5 inches, use your pencil to make a mark, repeat on the other side then take the fabric off your doll and lay it flat again.

Step 5- Use your scissors to cut 1.5 inch long snips through both pieces of your fabric up to the pencil mark you made on your shirt.

Step 6- Tie off and knot each of the strips to the matching one on the back side as you go your t-shirt will gather. Repeat on the other side and your shirt is complete. You can put the t-shirt on your doll.

To decorate the t-shirt like I did:

Step 1- To put trim on the neck area of my t-shirt I used scribbles red fabric paint. This adds color and dimension to the neck of my t-shirt. I only did the front of my t-shirt. If you wish to do front and back do one side and let it dry completely before turning it over and doing the back side.

Step 2-Once dry I added my t-shirt graphic. Using some fabric I had on hand, I rough cut out the image I wanted to use and peeled back a small piece of phoomph for fabric and lay my fabric on top, smoothing and pressing into place.

Step 3-Carefully cut out your image.  I used my scissors to cut out the image as close to the horse as I could.

Step 4- Peel back the backing from your fabric covered phoomph shape and then press it into place.

Step 5- Put the shirt on your doll, it is ready to wear!