Let the cute cupcake liners do all the work with these mini Easter baskets!  

Doll sized Easter Basket tutorial

These papery thin liners have a secret to their strength.  It’s that there is strength in numbers.  Eight to be exact.  That’s right, stack them together to build a mini Easter basket for your dolls!

Doll sized Easter Basket tutorial

Cute cupcake liners seem to be popping up everywhere.  I picked these up at the dollar store.  With 50 in a pack I am sure to share this craft with some friends! 

Let’s take a look at what we’ll need.

Doll sized Easter Basket tutorial


  • stapler
  • ruler
  • glue stick
  • scissors (Regular ones and I stuck in a fabric pair to cut my felt.  Do you use separate scissors for fabric and paper?)
  • pencil
  • cupcake liners
  • craft glue
  • paper
  • felt for embellishing (Anything cute and little would work like buttons, sequins,or stickers.)

Basket Handle

With a ruler measure a line 3/8” wide and 11” long on a piece of paper.

Cut out the strip.  Take 3 cupcake liners and flatten them out.  Spread glue on one side of the paper strip.  Glue the cupcake liners onto the strip.

Flip it over and put glue on the other side of the paper strip.  Fold the cupcake liners over the strip so both sides of the strip are now covered.  Trim off the extra cupcake liners.

Basket Bottom

Take a cupcake liner and trace the bottom onto a piece of cardstock.  Cut out the circle.

Put glue on the circle.  Use the left over pieces of cupcake liner to cover the circle on both sides.  If the scraps of liner are not big enough then use a new cupcake liner.  Trim off the extra cupcake liner.

Joining the Basket Handle and Bottom

Curve the paper strip in half to form a basket handle.  Bend each end of the paper strip in 3/4” inch to form a tab.  Put glue on both tabs.  Place the circle on the tabs connecting the handle to the base of the basket.    

Stack 8 cupcake liners to make the basket.  You can use fewer liners but I found that using this many made a sturdier basket.  Set the basket handle and bottom into the bottom of the cupcake liner basket.  Now things are really taking shape!  While holding the circle on the bottom of the basket, staple the handle to each side of the basket.  Add an embellishment to cover up the staple.  I used a flower I cut out of felt.  Anything cute and little would work here.  Maybe you have cute little buttons, sequins, or stickers to use instead!

Don’t forget a little Easter grass, and a few candy eggs!  

Hmm, where are those malted eggs?    

Yummy, yum, yum!  An Easter candy favorite!  

What other tasty treats are in here?  Mmmmmmm. 🙂

And just in case you are interested, here are a few more details from today’s post-

  • Doll: Morgan, American Girl #25 
  • Outfit: T-shirt is from American Girl.  Leggings are from American Girl Soft-as-Snow outfit.  Skirt is an unknown brand.  The scarf is made by Anna (http://www.doll-it-up.com/2013/02/25/make-a-scarf-from-a-t-shirt/).
  • Scene: Chick is a glass figurine.  Table cloth and felt flowers made by Anna.  

Make one and make more to share!