Make Furniture For AG Mini Dolls

By Karen of Karen Mom of Three

I discovered an amazing set of patterns from the Etsy shop Creations by Deevee . The shop owner Denise has two great furniture patterns that I highly recommend for any one who has a sewing machine and likes to create items for their dolls.

DIY Pattern for AG Minis Couch

What makes this shop so special to me is that Denise has created two patterns – one for the 18 inch American girl dolls and the other for the mini 6.5 inch American Girl dolls that are made for the historical characters (you can buy them from American Girl).

I recently made the 18 inch sized doll couch and was thrilled with how it turned out. I love that you can easily sit three dolls on the couch. I used an old greeting card as a picture for the dolls living room.

DIY Doll Couch

The patterns are only $3.75 for the 18 inch doll size and $6.00 for the mini-pattern. The pattern for the 18 inch doll includes couch, two ottomans, throw pillows and rug. The pattern that fits the American Girl mini (6.5 inch) comes with the pattern for the bed, headboard, bedspread, chaise, chair, sofa, ottoman, rug and pillows. It gives instructions to make the table, floor lamp, table lamp, clock, vase & stacking pictures. The patterns are purchased through her Etsy store and emailed to you when you purchase the patterns. Love the bedroom set up below!

american girl minis bed

I am so excited to have found these patterns. So much so that I am ordering my own 6.5 sized American Girl doll!

The couch and pillows I made for my 18 inch dolls took me less then two hours start to finish and that included printing out the patterns, cutting them out and taping them together. I had only a few items to pick up and had a lot of the materials on hand. To create your own couch including the cost of the pattern and foam core, material and stuffing it cost $15 to create this entire 18 inch doll sized furniture pattern.

We are now 6 months from the gift giving season and I would highly recommend this pattern to anyone who is thinking about making their daughter, granddaughter, niece, friend or doll a handmade gift for the holidays. I look forward to sharing more doll play ideas with you next week!

– Karen

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  1. These are terrific ideas. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. These are AMAZING!!! I wish american girl made clothes and furniture for mini dolls. But a bed would be 50$. American girl is way to expensive these days.=(

  3. cool.

  4. Thanks you guys! They would also make a great summer sewing project! I forgot to say that!

  5. I wish I had a mini AG!

  6. I love the one in the photos from the store today! That showed a doll sized bag with the 6.5 inch girl in it! I must get one on my trip to the Seattle Store! Just not sure which one I would get.

  7. I love everything. Thanks for sharing! (;


  9. SO CUTE!!!! If I had some mini dolls I would DEFINATELEY make that bedroom set. The regular doll sized couch is cute to. I might just have to try to make that.

  10. That is awesome. Good job on that!

  11. You can make the same bed but for the 18″ dolls ive done doesnt look as cute though…

  12. so true DoodleBug i was flipping through an old american girl magazine i still have from 2005 and the dolls used to be 75 or 80$ just for the doll and book now look their 100$ REALLY expensive