One thing that the 100 Days of Doll Play taught me was to always look at things twice before throwing them away! When I was doing the photography for the recent Springfield Doll Flip Chair Giveaway, I noticed that the packaging for the chair is actually a second chair!

Springfield Flip Chairs

The Flip Chair from Springfield is $14.99 – very reasonable – however, if you watch coupons and your local craft store (Michael’s, Joann, AC Moore) you can get it even cheaper. Then when you open the box it comes in, do so carefully because with a little creativity, it can become a second chair.

Easy DIY Doll Chair

Materials Needed:

  • Empty box from Springfield Collection Flip Chair (or any similarly shaped box)
  • Fabric (you could also use duct tape to cover the box)
  • Fiberfill Stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Tape

Easy DIY Doll Chair

Step 1 – Make sure all box tabs are taped shut

Step 2 – Place stuffing on top of chair seat and back – hold in place with a few pieces of tape

Easy doll chair

Step 3 – Cut a big enough piece of fabric to cover your box and smooth it out over the top side

Step 4 – Staple or tape (staple will hold better) the first edge of your fabric to the underneath of the box 

Step 5 – Wrap the box with your fabric like you would wrap a gift. Use packing tape or the stapler to secure the fabric as needed.


Step 6 – Secure the fabric underneath with staples or tape

Ta-da!! The new chair is definitely bigger than the flip chair, but it definitely works and doesn’t cost much to make – if anything. You could cover the chair in duct tape, you could paint it, or you could cover it with fabric without the stuffing if you wanted to. You are only limited by your imagination!

Whether you have the Springfield Flip Chair or not, look around at what you are about to throw away – I bet there are some boxes you could easily repurpose into doll furniture if you got creative with it!