Dressing dolls is playing with fashion.  Don’t forget the little accessories, they can have a big effect!

Today Morgan is dressed in something old and something new and that little sweet lace scarf brings it all together.

Make a Simple Lace Scarf for Dolls

I love sharing doll accessories with you!  They are one of my favorite crafts for dolls.  Here’s why I endlessly love crafting doll accessories.

  • They are super quick projects.
  • They use very little supplies.
  • They change the look of outfits, making for more creativity with play!

Let’s make this sweet lace scarf for dolls!

Make a Simple Lace Scarf for Dolls

Sweet Lace Scarf for Dolls


  • lace or trim cut to 19″
  • embroidery floss
  • needle
  • scissors

This lace scarf can be as simple or embellished as you want.  For the simplest accessory you can use the lace or trim as-is for a doll scarf.  Add a few embellishments to the lace or trim to add a little character!


Depending on the design on your lace you can add a little color with embroidery floss.  I stitched along the border and came back and tied knots and cut the ends short.  Use this as inspiration to add color to your lace scarf.


For the scarf ends add tassels.  Use coordinating embroidery floss and attach one to each end of the scarf.  To make the tassels, follow the step by step instructions included with the tassel necklace we made together last month.


Apply these basic details to any lace or trim you want to make into a doll scarf.


I love the tassels as scarf ends, perfect!


I love the white scarf with the soft pink and black but I would love to try it in other color combinations.

Make a Simple Lace Scarf for Dolls

The fashion options are endless!

Make a Simple Lace Scarf for Dolls

Enjoy creating your own fashion play with this sweet lace scarf!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

Craft, Fashion, Play!